ASK A COP — What’s the rule for vehicle passengers with their feet on the dashboard?

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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Dianna from Groves asks: My question is about passengers who put their feet on dashboard while on the highway. While traveling during our summer trip, I’ve noticed scores of passengers either sitting up or reclined, and their feet are on the dashboard while the car was traveling on highway. I understand there are those seeking comfort while traveling, but I just don’t get it! Is it legal to travel with feet on dashboard in Texas?

Answer: I’ve seen passengers with their feet on the dashboard as well. It’s not a safe practice that I’d even dare attempt or allow in my vehicle. But having your feet on the dashboard while on the roadway in Texas is NOT illegal.


Mike from Bridge City asks: I thought Texas had a no-texting law in place that prohibits drivers of these cars from texting while behind the wheel. It seems like every day, especially at red lights, people’s heads are buried in those darn phones. It’s almost like Texas doesn’t have a law addressing such behavior. Officer Antoine, in my opinion, texting and driving is out of control. Can Texas install cameras at red lights to catch these drivers messing with their cellphones while stopped at the light?

Answer: I can understand your frustration about driver’s inattentiveness behind the wheel on the roads of Texas. Distracted driving is no joke and every effort by law makers and law enforcement agencies across the state of Texas should make every effort to address this issue.

Mike, the safety of all motorists on our roadway is paramount and adding the cellphone distractions only compromises our safety goal. But Mike, I believe you are lacking understanding about the Texas texting law. While you are correct that texting while driving is a violation in Texas, the same law allows for motorists to text at red lights while the vehicle is not in motion. I’m not in agreement with the allowance of texting while the vehicle is on a roadway, but I only enforce laws.

So Mike, the next time you’re at a traffic signal and you look over and someone has their head buried in their cellphone, remember they’re NOT breaking the texting law in Texas.


Danna from Port Arthur asks: After much soul searching and seemingly endless debates with my never wrong husband, I’ve decided to Ask a Cop! Officer Antoine, we need help on lane turning. My husband figures when he makes a turn at an intersection, he’s allowed to turn in whichever lane he wants because he has the right of way. Of course I disagree with that theory, but he’s insistent that he’s correct and I’m wrong. I will admit in the past, he has been right on a few issues we’ve had, but we really need clarification on this correct lane turning issue. Thanks in advance!

Answer: A helpful tool to remember regarding turning is when turning right, turn in the right lane and when turning left, turn in the left lane. Or consider when turning right, use the outside lane and when turning left, use the left inside lane. Your husband is correct, he has the right of way when turning at a green light traffic intersection, but he still should turn in the lanes aforementioned.


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