ASK A COP — Weapons in vehicles overnight create open invite to burglars

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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Jessica from Nederland asks: I need some direction about having a gun in my car. I’ve been told I don’t need a concealed carry license to have a gun in my car. If I leave my gun in the car after arriving to my final destination, am I committing a crime?


Answer: WOW, the question you asked gives me anxiety. Jessica just the thought of you leaving a weapon in your vehicle overnight makes me want to stand on top of the highest point in Southeast Texas and shout into a megaphone “STOP IT”! The practice of leaving a weapon in your vehicle is not the wisest decision we, as motorists can make. It’s enough we have to deal with auto thefts in Jefferson County, but to lose a weapon to a criminal is totally preventable. To add injury to insult, the majority of auto burglaries are simply because motorists don’t lock their vehicles and thieves are door checking. Once thieves discover the door is open, they are finding weapons left in these unsecured vehicles. Now to your answer, “no,” it’s not illegal to leave the weapon in your vehicle. It’s just not the best practice for the safety of your community. Help protect your community by removing the weapon from your vehicle at the end of your day.

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Jose from Port Arthur asks: Is it illegal for me to tint the front windshield of my truck in Texas?


Answer: Several officers of the Port Arthur Police Department have already addressed and cited motorists on this issue on tinting the front windshield within the city of Port Arthur. This practice of tinting the front windshield in the state of Texas is totally ILLEGAL! You must leave the front windshield like it came from the factory. Absolutely no level of additional tint is permitted for the front windshield below the AS 1 line in the state of Texas. AS 1 on vehicles means it is the clearest form of glass made for motor vehicles. AS 2 and AS 3 means there is tint in the glass.


Tasha from Port Arthur asks: I’m having a debate with my boyfriend about the usage of turn signals. If you are a driver of a car in a turn lane, let’s say it’s a turn-only lane, and you are maybe the third car in line, do you have to put your turn signal on?


Answer: Apparently this is a difficult law to understand. Law enforcement officers find so many people on a daily basis who fail to use their turn signals properly, whether it’s an indicator for lane changing or making a legal turn. The state law requires you use your turn signal when turning, and yes, even if you’re the third car in line. The turn signal must be activated on your vehicle 100 feet before you intend to turn.


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