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CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Fischer & Wieser must-have for grilling

I sure regretted leaving behind some Fischer & Wieser grilling products when I left for Laura.

The Sweet & Savory Onion Glaze with super-sweet onions and jalapenos is designed for grilled meats and seafoods. I was sousing it on sheet pan vegetables every night for a week.

Peaches & Whiskey BBQ Sauce went on my husband’s favorite weekend treat lunch, ribs. Smoky Plum Chipotle Sauce is a personal favorite of mine because I associate this very F&W line for convincing me that sweet berries and sweet heat are an entirely compatible taste sensation before the rest of America got hold of it.

I love everything they make nearly just as much. Grill up, Texans.


Adam’s Apple

Take a “Bourbon Bath” with Adam’s Apple’s best seller, a bold and tad spicy marinade and grilling sauce from Adam’s Apple. I never met a sauce I didn’t like, but this one I love.

But let’s go on to Spicy Blackberry Pepper Jam. A big yes to follow Apple Pie Jam.

They’ve got a catalogue of stuff we like down south, like chow chow and cider slaw and salad dressing. Don’t worry that Theresa Adams grew up in Illinois cooking apple butter, which is something we don’t often see, but we can get hers.

I even mixed that pepper jam into some fried rice as the sweet of sweet and sour. Here are more ideas for Adams Apple Gourmet Jams:

  • Top vanilla ice cream with a few tablespoons of hot jam (My Aunt Stella Belle did this!)
  • Top a plain cheesecake
  • Pour over cream cheese and serve with salty crackers (an easy appetizer for those who think they can’t cook)
  • Fill pastry with jam and make turnovers
  • Grilled cheese with sharp white cheddar and gourmet jam.
  • Top toast rounds with goat cheese and jam
  • Get creative with turkey, croissant and brie sandwiches and a spread of jam
  • Hot biscuits anyone?

Let’s tell Theresa to come join us for some of our own creations with her products. Adamsappleco.com



No Sweat

Been out there tending your vegetable garden? Fishing Port Arthur? Golfing?

It’s Southeast Texas hot and we’re used to it, but maybe we didn’t realize No Sweat was out there. Now that we’ve added masks to our everyday wear, check out this American-made thin hat liner that reduces sweat stains, keeps it out of your eyes, promotes healthy skin hygiene and locks in odor and face oils, keeping your hat looking good.

Learn about their patented Dri-Lid technology at www.NoSweatCo.com


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie always looking for something new. Reach her at darraghcastillo@icloud.com