ASK A COP — What is needed with a lost Texas License to Carry card?

Published 12:15 am Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Bobby from Nederland asks: If a person has lost their permit to carry a firearm from another state due to hurricane or whatever, do they need to reapply and go through the training program as before? Also, can an ex-military serviceman receive a hand carry permit without enrolling in a training program?

Answer: If you’re a current holder of a Texas License to Carry card, or LTC, and you have lost or somehow misplaced it due to evacuating from a storm or just plain everyday living, the process is pretty simple.

Just go the Texas Department of Public Safety website and click on the License to Carry A Handgun tab, go down to the bottom of the page to returning users and fill out form for Reporting lost/stole license. There will be no need to retake the course when you have lost your card.

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For security reasons Texas DPS will change your License to Carry number. Anyone who applies for a Texas License To Carry card will have to attend the course in its entirety and successfully pass all required phases in order to be issued a LTC card. Being an ex-military serviceman or servicewoman does not warrant or waive any requirements for the course.

Karen from Winnie asks: I work in the city, which means I drive here almost daily. I have a pick-up truck that I have a bumper pull trailer and have often left my trailer tailgate open as I’m traveling to work. I don’t have any loads on the back of my truck, but like it to stay down because I believe it gives me better gas mileage. Is it illegal to drive down the road with my tailgate open? I have a coworker who told me it was illegal, so I need to know because I don’t want to break the law.

Answer: I’m not quite certain where this rumor came from or who or what state or country. In the state of Texas, there’s no such law in the Transportation Code that states if you drive with your tailgate down it is illegal. Now, Karen, there may be some cities that adopted an ordinance making it illegal to drive a truck with the tailgate down. You need to check with your local law enforcement or city ordinance to see if driving with tailgate down has been addressed.

Cherry from Port Arthur asks: The pandemic is still amongst us. Can someone be given a ticket for operating a motor vehicle on the road of Texas with an expired registration sticker?

Answer: On March 13, Gov. Abbott issued a proclamation declaring ALL counties in Texas a disaster due to the real threat of the coronavirus. On March 16, a 60-day waiver was given to all motor registration, which meant citations were not to be issued for expired registration stickers during that period. That 60-day period has come and gone, but the waiver is still in effect, so the answer to your question is “NO.” If  your vehicle registration sticker is expired, you should NOT be cited (issued a ticket) for the violation. If anyone happens to be cited for expired registration sticker that expired after the waiver was issued, that citation will be dismissed by the court. It’s even being reported that after the waiver is lifted, motorists will be given an additional 60 days to bring their Texas registration to current status.

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