BRAD ROBICHAUX — Take a lesson from Mid-County athletes

Published 12:20 am Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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Do what needs to be done.

It’s easy to say that, but much harder to follow through. Those that do, though, have a much better chance to achieve their biggest goals, no matter the circumstances.

Even though circumstances are less than ideal right now, that’s not going to stop some striving to get what they want.

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Brandon Do might not get to play tennis for Nederland High School his senior year, but COVID-19 hasn’t stopped the 2019 5A singles champion from getting ready to play up a level next year at Lamar University. The senior, who won’t get the chance to defend his title due to the cancellation of spring tennis, is working regularly with his father and younger sister Megan to stay competitive when he heads to Beaumont.

In the absence of a spring season that could have let Brandon leave Nederland High School on a high note with another title, Brandon is making the most of his time, doing what needs to be done to stay on top.

His sister Megan is doing the same as she prepares to compete for the rest of her high school career.

Nederland and PNG volleyball players could have missed out on valuable training before the start of the fall season because of the pandemic, but they’re doing what needs to be done, as well. Despite coaching archrival schools, longtime friends Allie Crommett of Nederland and Brittany Fruge of PNG put that rivalry to good use, encouraging players to compete to see who can work out the most during the month of May.

The game is more than just a way to make sure their players are sticking to a workout routine — they’re keeping the competitive spirit alive while traditional competition is shut down. As a result, players are doing what they need to do to get ready for the fall.

Training, this time for football, isn’t the only thing Blake Bost is missing out on. The PNG quarterback, about to enter his senior year, won’t be able to visit prospective colleges until social distancing restrictions are lifted enough to allow campuses to reopen. Until then, Bost is reserving judgment on what college he wants to play for.

In this sense, he’s also doing what needs to be done. Bost needs to know more about the colleges that are trying to recruit him so he can make the best decision for himself.

Meanwhile, he’s practicing to make up for the lack of spring training. He works with his receivers and running backs on the field without coaches, on their own time. He’s working on improving his leadership skills while keeping his football skills sharp. These are all things he needs to do before beginning his senior year.

The pandemic has forced a new normal on everyone. That new normal isn’t going to go away overnight, if ever. The circumstances have changed, and those who change with them find ways to get the results they want.

That’s what it means to do what needs to be done: Adapt and keep working. Adaptation is needed especially now, but it’s something that pays to stay at the forefront of everyone’s plans for working toward what they want.

We all should remember changing circumstances means changing the way things are accomplished. Take a lesson from our Mid-County athletes — figure out a way to do what needs to be done.

Brad Robichaux is a reporter for The Port Arthur News. He can be reached at