KATHIE DEASY — When enough is truly enough

Published 12:12 am Saturday, May 9, 2020

When is “enough, enough?” Well, I guess we all have an opinion regarding that question.

I think it’s good to start in our homes and personal relationships. I still work on my timing with my very patient, understanding, husband, when I ask him to do something for me or ask him about a situation or conflict. He always says to me, “I’ll take care of it” or “It’ll be OK. Let’s just wait for God’s wisdom in our actions.”

So wise, but sure enough, I think I have to keep on asking, obviously, I’m in my own, little timeline? I think one of the biggest challenges for us girls is to wait, just wait… Enough is enough!

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Not to fix blame, but, the media doesn’t help, as most people put a lot of stock in what they tell us to think, do and live our lives, ugh!

TV shows, commercials, movies, social networking, magazines with pictures and headlines are designed to draw you in, and I can tell you from working in Hollywood and socializing with a few celebrities, that the pictures and quotes are so edited to fit the lie they promote.

Don’t be deceived or waste your money on the tabloids.

With celebrities and their lives, divorces, children and careers, if there is a negative thing that happens, it is harped on, chirped about and I want to say, “enough is enough.”

It’s the same, I notice, for athletes and their teams, owners and families are under such scrutiny with loads of criticism and in the news until some other tragedy gets the front page or pictures and articles in magazines. “Enough.”

My husband and I are so consumed with the Truth that when a lie comes in our presence or anywhere near, we recognize it and deal with it, immediately.

Bank Tellers are trained to watch hundreds of good bills and when a bad one tries to slip by it is detected immediately.

So, train yourself in good and truth and lies won’t be able to hide from you, say, “enough is enough” go away!

Kathie Deasy writes about religion in The Port Arthur News. She can be reached at kathiedeasy@hotmail.com.