KAY DECUIR — Shopping local supports small businesses who support our community

Published 12:16 am Friday, May 1, 2020

Recall where you purchased your clothes, shoes or food when you were growing up?

Where did you go to the doctor or dentist? What was your favorite activity to play outside?

During this time of social distancing you could share these topics at the dinner table. Make it into a trivia game.

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I believe you will enjoy reminiscing about the past. Most likely you shopped at your local grocery store and knew the butcher or clerk by name.

Why was that?

Because for many of us, that was all we had. Today we have so many different resources at our fingertips. It is easy to click a button and have an item arrive at our doorstep.

I want to encourage you to look around and notice that even though some have come and gone, many towns are full of small businesses or what we call “Mom and Pop Stores.”

I have heard it said many times that small businesses are the bread and butter of the community. Did you know most small businesses are family owned and employ multiple family members?

Being creative in advance of any storm is what makes our businesses successful while going through a storm.

I am proud of how our small businesses and restaurants have worked through the past six weeks. The specials they have offered to honor many groups and have kept their stores open.

Early on, Nederland businesses were already offering curbside pickup, home delivery and online shopping. Though the doors of our stores remained locked and closed to the public, the owners were busy inside preparing packages to ship, to deliver to customers or possibly staging for their next Facebook Live or online sale.

We call on our small businesses all throughout the year to help sponsor community events, school events, fundraisers and so much more. I encourage you to please support local businesses as they have supported you or an organization of which you are a member.

I am proud to live in Southeast Texas and my hometown of Nederland.

In Southeast Texas we know how to prepare for hurricanes, floods and severe storms.

We didn’t expect a pandemic, but our small businesses are striving to serve you in the midst of this new storm.

No matter what we experience in Southeast Texas, we always come out stronger together. We are #SETXSTRONG! Support local businesses and pass it on to the next generation! #SHOPLOCAL #SHOPOFTEN #SHOPNEDERLAND #SHOPONLINENEDERLAND and #STAYSAFE!

Kay DeCuir is the executive director of the Nederland Economic Development Corporation. She can be reached at kdecuir@nededc.com.