LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Recycle and repurpose

Published 12:10 am Thursday, April 9, 2020

I’ve shared an idea with a few people who thought it was good thing. So, I thought I’d pass it on.

First, there was Denny, an employee for the City of Port Arthur who put it to use immediately. Then there was John & Mary at Drago’s Hardware Store, who was waiting on Barry Scruggs, who is a plumber. They all liked it.

So to get it to the public, I went to The Port Arthur News, who suggested I put it in writing.

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In the U.S. we are at 400,000 cases of the coronavirus with 12,000 deaths. One of the issues is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

I would like to address gloves. I think we could replace some usage with plastic grocery and fruit bags. Instead of emptying and then tossing them, let’s repurpose them as gloves.

And yes, it depends on the task such as handles on the doors like the post office or grocery stores, the items in the store and pumping gas. We don’t know who have handled these things before us.

If we could cut our weekly usage of gloves, perhaps we could save 500,000 pairs weekly, which means we could redirect those plastic and rubber materials to other PPE such as gowns, face shields, head and foot coverings and other things.

Finally, we could make our supply last longer along with cutting costs because we don’t know how long this will go on.

— Bonnie Ray Palmer, Port Arthur