Drive by Easter Egg Hunt presents pleasant distraction during quarantine

Published 12:12 am Friday, April 3, 2020

GROVES — Colorful Easter eggs dot yards across Groves catching the eye of children and adults alike.

This is bringing cheer to motorists, bicyclists and walkers as they take part in the Drive By Easter Egg Hunt.

The newest craze is the brainchild of Gina Hargraves, who took the idea from the stuffed bear search several weeks ago.

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The concept is simple; Groves residents wanting to participate can put plastic Easter eggs anywhere in their yard, and one house on the block volunteers to put a golden egg out, if they choose to. People can find the names of the participating streets on the Drive By Only Easter Egg Hunt in Groves Facebook page.

Participants can print out the street names and look for yards with the eggs.

Hargraves has strict rules; you are not allowed to get out of your vehicle at any time and not allowed to touch or pick up the eggs.

“We stress we want to keep this as safe as possible,” Hargraves said.

The concept is like driving around with your family looking for Christmas lights, she said.

The Groves wanted to create something fun that everybody could do with the coronavirus going around. The plan started with a few invites and ballooned to approximately 600 members in the Facebook group.

“Many people have told me how much they love it and are thanking me for doing it,” she said.

“It makes me feel really good. I know this is a hard time for everyone and you really can’t go anywhere or do much. I figure this is something to make the kids happy and so many are excited about it.”

Madelyn Dixson of Groves has an 8-week-old baby and a 5-year-old so this Drive By Easter Egg Hunt is super special, especially with everything going on. The family is home schooling, making sure the 5-year-old is entertained during the day and is doing lots of crafts and outside time.

Dixson was able to bring the older on Wednesday and covered about half of Groves.

Sherry Armentor, 70, said Easter is the most sacred of times as it represents the death and resurrection of Jesus.

“I miss seeing the children, the families and, of course, Palm Sunday,” she said. “To be able to take things you already have in the garage, past decorations (and put them out) is nice.”

Easter, she said, represents renewal and life. There is a certain joy at putting out the colorful eggs and brining smiles to children’s faces.

Hargraves hopes to have the egg hunt go through Easter.

A similar activity is ongoing in Port Neches.