ASK A COP — EIC not substitute for driver’s license

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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Marcus from Port Arthur asks: I recently took my uncle to vote, and when we got there he pulled out a card like a driver’s license. Now this was surprising to me because I didn’t receive such a card, nor was I aware such cards existed in the state of Texas. Are these election cards a new form of ID in Texas? If so, how do I obtain this election card?

Answer: The state of Texas launched this Election Identification Card, or EIC, system in 2016. Marcus, you are correct there are select citizens who are in possession of the election ID card that are hard like a driver’s license. These EIC cards must be applied for by individuals; they are not automatically issued.  These EIC cards are only valid at the polls for election identification purposes only. Marcus, you CANNOT use these cards for any other identifying purpose. You will NOT be eligible for the EIC if you possess a current (unexpired) Texas driver license, Texas personal identification card, concealed handgun license (CHL) or license to carry (LTC), U.S. passport book or card, U.S. Military identification with photo, or U.S. citizenship certificate or certificate of naturalization with photo. The EIC expires after six years from the issuance date. If your 70 years of age or greater, there’s no expiration of the EIC. Marcus, if you have a valid license, you will continue to get the paper voter’s card.

Orville from Beaumont asks: I have a question about a red traffic signal that won’t change to green. I was on lunch break a couple weeks ago, and unfortunately I got stuck at a traffic light that stayed red for three cycles.

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I couldn’t take it anymore so I safely drove through the red light, so I could get back to work on time. I told my coworker when I arrived, and she said I should have waited. Officer Antoine, what should I do if the light won’t turn green?

Answer: A stalled red traffic signal is something many motorists experience on a daily basis somewhere in the great state of Texas. Orville, I understand these electronic devices (traffic signals) malfunction from time to time, because I’ve been a victim of a stalled red light. Orville, this is not a very enjoyable period but patience needs to be exercised. You need to stay put where you are and wait for the light to turn green, but if you’re in a rush, you can always turn on your signal for a right turn when it’s safe to turn RIGHT.

I’ve stopped so many drivers who just ran through the light because it wouldn’t change to green. There is NO justification in the state of Texas for running a red light because it won’t change. Orville, if you would have been involved in a crash going through the red light, YOU solely would be held liable. The ONLY person who can give you permission/clearance to disregard a red traffic signal is a police officer.

Darryl from Port Arthur asks: I bought a new vehicle recently and my license plates just came in. To my surprise, the front license plate does not fit. The holes on my license plate don’t match the hole on my vehicle plate holder that came from the factory.

Now what am I supposed to do? I’m not going to drill holes into my brand new vehicle. For now I’ll put it on the front dash.

Answer: I’ve spoken with numerous motorists who experienced the exact same dilemma you’re facing with the front license plate. We all know the great state of Texas is a two-plate state, meaning a license plate must be displayed to the further most front and rear of a vehicle.

Darryl, you cherish your vehicle just like many motorists and drilling additional holes into the frame sends shock waves through our body. There are other adhesive methods to ensure your plate properly secures to the front mount, other than drilling. The state of Texas doesn’t mention the plate has to be secured by screws. Darryl, placing your license plate on the front dash is not acceptable in Texas and you can continually be stopped and cited for the violation.

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