FLOUNDER AND BASS — Water will clear for flounder; bass shallow come spring

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The best fishing in Port Arthur is for flounder, and as the water warms, flatfish will move back to the lake. Right now the lake is muddy, which is not good for fishing.

When it clears, grubs and worms will capture the attention of flounder. Do not overlook spins and spoons.

Slow rolling is best on the south levee, and hopping or a cork is good in the marina for shrimp tails and other plastics. Even crappie jigs catch flounder.

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Flounder will sometimes follow a lure. You can see them swim up to your feet. Just keep casting. Follow the bag and size limits.

Bass will be shallow when spring arrives. A jig is a good lure. A 1/16th ounce head is good. Rattling crankbaits or spinnerbait is good. Soft plastics whacky rigged under a cork or fished with a light weight fool bass.

Pumpkin seed is a good color for soft plastics. If you fish a 4-inch worm, there are plenty of good colors. Motor oil color is good for a 6-inch worm or a ribbon tail.

Red and chartreuse are good for crankbaits, but rattling baits come in many good colors. One-quarter ounce baits work good.

Frozen shrimp catch various sizes of black drum, even giants. The ship channel has red drum, and shrimp or cut fish catch these fish. Red drum are quite tasty. So are flounder.

Catch only what you need. Handle fish carefully. The outdoors is a great place to enjoy. There are giant fish out there, but enjoy any bite. You can also read about fishing. To see others’ catches is fun.

Send copies of photos to the PA News. People will be happy to see your catches. The likes of Ed Holder made the PA News a pleasure to read for me. He covered fishing in a unique way.

I happened to get good because I learned bass fishing before saltwater fishing. Now I am a great saltwater fisherman. Depth at the shore is a tool I use. I like high tide for this reason.

Barnacles are good for sheepshead. I use a circle hook for all natural baits. You don’t set them. You just reel in the fish. A good bait is frozen shrimp.

Good fishing. Enjoy the outdoors, the weather, the birds, the mullet that leap out of the water, and fish.

Eddie Vance can be reached at edwardvance270@gmail.com.