Cyber security firm opens in Port Neches

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, February 4, 2020

PORT NECHES — ParJenn Information Systems announced it is open for business to the lower 48 states.

Based in Port Neches, ParJenn Information Systems is a cloud based cyber-security, IT Support and IT Services firm powered by industry leaders such as Comodo and Microsoft.

In a recent Newsweek article, the NSA has deemed the product “unhackable,” and the FBI has called it “a colossal pain in the posterior” for anyone trying to infiltrate a system protected by this endpoint manager and containment system.

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ParJenn Information Systems’ owner, Branden Parker, says company officials believe every business deserves to be protected from those with malicious intent, adding 60 percent of small businesses that get hacked go out of business within a year.

“Today’s hackers know small businesses cannot afford the same protection as global companies like Amazon or Google can and have turned their attention to what they see as easy targets,” Parker said.  “Even that game has changed with the hacking of Jeff Bezos’ cell phone. If one of the richest, most powerful men in the world can be technologically compromised, anybody can.”

Parker said nonprofits, governments and educational institutions are especially at risk in the current geopolitical climate.

“We have even had it hit close to home with the ransomware attack against PNG,” he said. “That one felt personal … not only was it in my own backyard, but my kids attend school there.

“Nonprofits have a very particular vulnerability. Hackers know that NFPs do not have the technology, the manpower, nor the funding to protect against any kind of attacks, but they also know that most insurance policies will just pay the ransom. The biggest issue with that is that there’s no guarantee that there is honor among these thieves, no guarantee that they will provide the decryption files once payment has been made.”

ParJenn Information Systems provides an integrated help desk, a VoIP telephone system that will “slash your phone bill into shreds,” cloud computing and IT consulting.

Parker encourages businesses, school districts, city halls, county offices and nonprofits to visit or call him directly at 409-684-2517 x1001 for more information.