KATHIE’S KORNER — Place joy in the Lord and never lose it

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sometimes we experience things that make it seem like we should lose our joy, especially if they’re devastating, damaging or we are surprised upon impact.

Philippians 4:4 says to “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice.” Twice, the Scriptures remind us to put our joy in the Lord.

When I was researching the word “joy,” I began to think about all the things I was putting my joy in, only to see them vanish and I lose my joy, realizing that they are not so important as my joy in the Lord, first.

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My husband and I decided not to put all our joy in each other, first, as it’s a lot of pressure and eventually we’d let each other down (we’re human!). A bad hair day, no car, flat tire on the car, favorite sports team loses, no money, burned breakfast, tripping over your dog and spilling your coffee in the morning? What is it that causes you to lose your joy?

I learned from my friend and Bible teacher, Jerry Savelle, that when, or if, these things happen to you, what you think or even say out loud is, “Man, a person could ALMOST lose their joy over that.” It’s so wise — “almost,” but not — because we put all our joy in the Lord, then it overflows onto our family, friends, church family and co-workers, neighbors and on and on.

Have you ever lost your car keys? I have. It’s because we put them in the wrong or different place. We have hooks on the wall by our back door where we hang our keys when we come home, then we know where they are when we need to leave again. Sometimes if we’re in a hurry coming in the house, we may throw them on the table or bed where they might get covered up. Then there’s that wasted, frustrating, time looking for them, when if we would have put them in a secure, regular place, we would know right where they are.

If we put our joy in the right place (the Lord), we would never lose it. That joy in the Lord is not elusive; it doesn’t just fly away. We let it go. So be encouraged, strong and joyful, letting the outward expressions of joy show on your face and actions and laugh- off some things by saying, “Wow, a person could ALMOST lose their joy over that, but not me!”

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