ASK A COP — Crash with injury will get crash report

Published 12:10 am Tuesday, November 26, 2019

From the desk of the chief of police Tim Duriso and all of the men and women of the Port Arthur Police Department — It is our desire that all of our citizens and neighboring communities have a very happy Thanksgiving. No matter where you find yourself in life on Thursday, take a moment and reflect because we ALL have something to be thankful for.

Priscilla from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine I was involved in a wreck in a parking lot, and the driver who hit me said he called police, and he said the police department told him the police weren’t going to respond. I had an old injury re-aggravated during the wreck, but since the police weren’t coming I just went home and self-medicated. Officer Antoine why don’t police even show up for private property wrecks?

Answer: Good question Priscilla! First I’m sorry to hear of your unfortunate crash on private property. Ma’am I’m not quite sure where you got your information from or even if the correct response was given to you, because the Port Arthur Police Department responds to private property crashes daily. Now Priscilla, its true that police officers in the great state of Texas don’t routinely complete a crash report that occurred on private property. But Priscilla in your case where an injury resulted from the crash police officers are supposed to complete a crash report even on private property if someone was injured. It doesn’t matter the severity of the injury at the time of the crash. If anyone involved in the crash tells the investigating officer that they sustained an injury from the crash, that officer will complete the crash report. Sounds like you should have called the police department as well!

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Ray from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine I’ve observed too many people riding in the passenger seat of a motor vehicle and having their bare feet on the dashboard. Officer Antoine is it illegal for someone to ride with feet on dash and, if not, when will this be illegal?

Answer: Good question Ray! While the act of a passenger of a motor vehicle riding with their feet on a dashboard is not illegal, I certainly can say it’s not a safe mode of being transported. There are a lot of things I’ll find myself doing while in the passenger seat of a vehicle, but putting my feet on the dashboard isn’t one of them! Ray my greatest problem with passengers with their feet on dashboard is all of the injuries that could result from a crash. Most vehicles are installed with airbags and if the airbags are deployed at the speed of 200 mph, it’s something about my knees coming to my face at 200 mph that worries me about this behavior. Ray, now having this information, you’ll never find me, nor should you find anyone who has been informed, with their feet on the dashboard. Now Ray, when are they going to outlaw this act? Unfortunately laws aren’t made until something happens!

Juan from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, if after I’m done with an adult beverage get-together at my friend’s house — and trust me I have a designated driver because I plan on being investigated — can I bring alcohol home in an opened container if there’s some extra beverage left in the bottle?

Answer: Good question Juan! With the holidays quickly approaching I’m glad you’re not chancing driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated! We wish that many others would plan as responsibly as you are by having a DESIGNATED DRIVER. Juan you and many others will partake in adult alcoholic drinks during the upcoming holidays and, to be real, just about everyday. Juan, as long as you have the open container in the trunk, locked glove box or behind the last row of seats if there’s no trunk compartment, you’ll be fine and you don’t have to pour out your alcohol or leave it behind at your friend’s house.

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