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Fit Body Boot Camp comes to Nederland

NEDERLAND — Fit Body Boot Camp is known for it’s intense weight loss results, quick 30-minute sessions and group atmosphere. Mid-County residents now have the opportunity to experience it firsthand with the opening of the new Nederland location at 401 S. Memorial Freeway, Suite 321.

Co-owners of Fit Body Boot Camp Brittany and Dee Marlatt started the company on a love for exercise, travel and Mid-County.

“We’ve travelled all over the world for my job,” said Dee, who works for Huntsman Petrochemical. “We came to Nederland and Brittany and the kids just loved it so much. They wanted to stay here and call it home. We’ve worked a lot with the Nederland Chamber of Commerce and the way they just bring you in as family, we knew this is where we wanted to build our business.”

While travelling the globe, Brittany explored different forms of exercise and decided she had a passion for fitness coaching.

“We were traveling for his job a lot, and when we moved back to the states, I missed that aspect and community feel,” she said. “I found a boot camp locally in Orange and fell in love with that style and the community vibe it had.”

Brittany said she really started digging into the boot camp lifestyle and decided to start researching how to run her own business.

Brittany and Dee Marlatt own the new Fit Body Boot Camp gym located at 401 S. Memorial Freeway, Suit 321. The husband and wife duo will cut the ribbon for their grand opening today at 10:30 a.m. (Courtesy photo)

“I want to be able to help as many people as possible. It’s always been my passion to help others,” she said. “So I started doing research and Fit Body was the best out of all of them. It was the perfect fit for us because it’s for everybody.

“It’s not just exclusive to women or to athletic people. It’s beginner, it’s younger, and it’s older people. I can hit every demographic and help everyone I possibly could.”

Fit Body Boot Camp hones in on quick, but effective 30-minute workouts with little to no equipment. The style welcomes people from all backgrounds and stages of life by focusing on weight loss results and building lean muscle mass.

“The big difference between us and CrossFit is that we don’t do the big heavy Olympic lifting,” Brittany said. “Everything is fast paced. It has high intensity intervals designed to get the heart rate up and back down for an effective after burn.”

Each class varies for targeting different muscles including legs, core, arms, full body and cardio.

“The nice thing is you never get bored,” Brittany said. “You will come in and never know what you are going to be experiencing that day. Your body is always guessing so it allows you to get to those results faster because you don’t get used to certain movements or workouts.”

In addition to working out, Dee said Fit Body Boot Camp also focuses on nutrition.

Mauriceville residents Brittany and Dee Marlatt own the new Fit Body Boot Camp gym located at 401 S. Memorial Freeway, Suit 321. Fit Body focuses on intense weight loss results, quick 30-minute sessions and group atmosphere. (Courtesy photo)

“Nutrition is something we are really keen on outside of the workout aspect,” he said. “We want people to understand what it takes to take it to the next level. You can only do so much in the gym, but one thing our coach always says is, ‘You can’t out run a fork.’”

The Nederland location offers nutritional advice, meal prepping and planning ideas.

“We’re not just a regular gym you come workout at and go home,” Dee said. “We want people to understand that we are here to help on the nutrition side as well. We want people to know that we are truly centered on family. We want people to be comfortable and we want this to feel like one big family.”

Classes are available during early morning, mid-morning, lunchtime and late afternoons. To learn more or to see pricing options, visit Fit Body Boot Camp on Facebook.

The Nederland location will officially cut the ribbon during their grand opening ceremony, today at 10:30 a.m.