ASK A COP — Engine breaks can be annoying

Published 12:08 am Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Janice from Port Neches asks: Officer Antoine I’m a regular reader of your “Ask A Cop” column in The News. I’ve been driving for many years now and consider myself a safe driver, but during my younger years not so much! I have a question about a sign I observe often as I travel down a Nall Street in Port Neches. The sign  says “No Engine Brakes,” The sign is simply read but I don’t have a clue what no engine brakes it means?

Answer: Good Question Janice! Don’t feel like you’re on that island alone Janice, because I’m sure there’re many motorists that pass that same No Engine Brake sign daily and have absolutely no clue what it mean. Janice, this sign is not for cars or standard pickup trucks. It’s for commercial vehicles like semi tractors, like 18-wheelers or dump trucks. These vehicles have an additional braking system that installed in the engine to assist in stopping the heavy tractor. But when the engine brake is applied, it emits a loud sometimes popping sound and, of course, if you live near by it’s gonna be irritating. So apparently residents who live on Nall or close by have complained to their city leaders and have outlawed the use of engine brakes in that area. So these big commercial trucks are banned from using engine brakes in an area that has NO Engine Brakes sign!

Breeze caller from Winnie asks: Officer Antoine I have a question about school bus lights and stop signs. If there’s a school bus that has its red flashing lights activated but the stop sign is not out yet, do we have to stop for the school bus?

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Answer: Good Question Caller! I find this an important subject because anyone seeking information to protect our children is all right with me! Now that most school buses are equipped with red stop signs and red flashing lights the operator of the bus should display both when stopping to pick up or drop off children. But caller in this case just the red flashing lights will be enough for any motorist to abide by the law to stop We supposed to stop whether the red lights are flashing, the red stop sign is out or if both are activated simultaneously. My motto is when in doubt about stopping for a school bus, always STOP because you can’t hurt by stopping when you can go but you surely can cause a great deal of hurt by going when you should have stopped!

Sam from Port Arthur asks: I’ve been enjoying your article every Tuesday. I’ve have gathered a great amount of knowledge since following your article and for that I say “Thanks.” Officer Antoine my friend moved here from Washington D.C and lost his Drivers license out of that state. Since he was here he applied for Texas Drivers License and was issued a License see by the state of Texas. Just recently he found his lost Drivers License, now he’s in possession of a Texas Drivers License and a Washington DC Drivers License and is confused because he’s not certain if it’s legal to have a Drivers License from both states. Officer Antoine is it legal to possess two Drivers License?

Answer: Good Question Sam! Since your friend has already established residency in the state of Texas, the normal procedure would for him to surrender his Washington DC Drivers License upon being issued a Texas Drivers License. I’m glad he found his Washington DC license but you cannot have two different state current Drivers Licenses. So to answer your question he should go back to the Texas Department of Public Safety and turn in his Washington Drivers License. Here’s a note to new Texas residents, the state of Texas will allow you to drive a motor vehicle up to 90 days on the roads of Texas with a current license from another state in U.S. before applying for a Texas Drivers License.

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