ASK A COP — Out headlight still illegal during day

Published 12:07 am Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Jarvis from Groves asks: Officer Antoine I really appreciate how you take time to explain your answers in the weekly Ask A Cop column in plain language, where in my opinion, even a child could understand. Officer Antoine I own two vehicles, a work vehicle that I drive the most and a luxury vehicle when it’s time to play (if you get my drift)! Now my work vehicle had a broken headlight and because I work six days a week it’s been nearly impossible to get it in the shop to be repaired. I have one light that’s out on the driver’s side so I only drive the vehicle when headlights aren’t required, like during daytime. Officer Antoine is it illegal to drive my vehicle knowing my headlight doesn’t work even if I’m not going to turn the light on?

Answer: Good question Jarvis! I can understand your dilemma that you’re working six days a week and really don’t have time to have the lamp replaced because of your work schedule. But on the other hand, we ALL must be in compliance with the state of Texas Transportation Code. Jarvis you’re dealing with a violation that is mostly self compliant, meaning normally nobody will know you’re operating a vehicle with defective lamp but you! Yes Jarvis it is illegal to operate a vehicle on the roadway of Texas with defective headlamp, even during the daytime when the lamps are not required. Jarvis you happen to have a simple solution, and that’s to pull out your luxury boy toy until you get your headlamp issue on your work vehicle resolved. Jarvis you never know, especially giving the unpredictable weather in southeast Texas, when headlamps will be required during the daytime hours.

Helen from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine I have a question about handicap parking. I was in Dallas a couple weekends ago and I had my grandson in my car as I drive him around. I must inform you that my grandson’s right leg was broken a week prior to my arrival, so when I took him to several stores I parked in the handicap spot. It’s obvious that my grandson is temporarily disabled and I didn’t think it would be a problem parking there, but one lady approached my car and inquired about my handicap tag. May I add she wasn’t very nice person. She threatened to call the police and everything, even after she saw my grandson hopping on crutches. Officer Antoine is it wrong to park in the handicap spot even when someone obviously needs the spot?

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Answer: Good question Helen! I could easily answer your question with one word, but with answering questions I believe we need to have an understanding. I don’t believe that one would disagree that because of your grandson’s physical condition he doesn’t deserve to have a privilege of parking in the disabled parking spot. But Helen your grandson needs to return to his physician and get an order for a temporary parking placards (red). Even though it’s obvious that he could benefit from parking closer at this time, it is illegal for you or any other person who transports your grandson to park in a disabled parking spot. Helen if a placard is not obtained for your grandson, I’d advise you and others to drop your grandson off close to the entrance and park in the parking lot stall that’s NOT a disabled parking zone. Keep in mind the state of Texas is serious when it comes to parking illegally in disabled parking. If found guilty in a court of law a hefty fine of $500 will be assessed to all violators.

Victor from Beaumont asks: Officer Antoine, I met you at my company’s annual safety meeting! You gave one of the most impactful presentations I’ve ever experienced, and trust me, I’ve sat through many presentations. My life behind the wheel has forever since been changed for the better! My question for you is my cousin has a cracked windshield and he’s scared to get it inspected because of the fear of failing the inspection. He’s not in a financial place to replace his windshield but needs to renew his registration sticker. Is there anything he can do to get his inspection passed with a cracked windshield?

Answer: Good Question Victor. Thanks Victor. I’m always glad to hear someone’s driving behavior has changed. Victor, I may have good news for your cousin. The front windshield is not an inspection item, but the windshield wipers and blades are inspected items. Even through there may be a crack in the windshield, as long as the windshield wipers and blades are functional as well as the other inspected items, his vehicle should pass inspection so he can renew his registration.

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