EDITORIAL — Owners can stymie auto burglaries

Published 12:08 am Wednesday, August 21, 2019

If you type “preventing car burglaries” into any search engine, numerous lists from familiar sources appear offering helpful hints to avoid the ever-present crime.

Port Arthur News readers were greeted this week with a story detailing more than a dozen weekend vehicle break-ins in Nederland and Groves.

Most troubling in the report was news of multiple stolen firearms and the fact that each vehicle targeted was unlocked, according to police.

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In a summer in which multiple local children have been caught in the crossfire of criminal assaults, we’re still feeding this cycle of violence by supplying these lowlifes the firepower they desire courtesy of unlocked vehicles and non-secured weapons.

As you can well imagine, most criminals are not responsible gun purchasers or law-abiding firearm holders.

They either steal the guns they need or buy them off of the vandals who prowl local streets seeking out unlocked cars with guns in them.

Insurance giant Nationwide stresses theft prevention starts before leaving your vehicle. Items like phones, purses, wallets, laptops, briefcases, backpacks, shopping bags, electronics, cash and coins left in plain view act as an “open for business” sign for burglars that want nothing more than an easy score through an unlocked door.

If you take it out of your vehicle, it can’t be stolen from your car.

Parking in well-lit areas, whenever possible, is also a must.

Firestone Complete Auto Care suggests drivers invest in an anti-theft system. Possibilities include a steering wheel lock, window alarms or an ignition cut-off system.

If it makes a thief work harder, it could be the reason your car is safer.

Thieves want to move fast and in silence; most will take off running at the slightest example of a barrier.

Please be vigilant with your car and the property in it. Look out for your friends and family in the meantime.

If we do the simple things to prevent criminals from free access to our guns and cash, we make it less likely that the next victim of crime will be someone special to us.