Being on the lookout for Entergy scams

Published 11:20 am Monday, March 26, 2018

By Lorenzo Salinas


It pays to be safe rather than sorry, especially when it comes to avoiding a scam.

The Port Neches Police Department posted an advisory on their Facebook to be wary of scammers due to two instances of attempted scams in the city. Fortunately, no money was lost, and authorities are raising awareness of the issue.

Police Chief Paul Lemoine said the calls were reported to be from scammers claiming to be Entergy workers. They were demanding immediate payment from the resident or else the resident would risk losing their power.

“They hadn’t participated in it, but were aware that other people might,” Lemoine said. “It’s part of a nationwide scam happening all over the United States.”

“Entergy has received numerous reports that both business and residential customers are getting phone calls that appear to be coming from Entergy with the caller demanding payment for an overdue bill,” a press release from the company at the beginning of the month said. “In some cases, they even know the customer’s personal information.”

“In this situation, which is very common, spoofing is a process that makes a number appear like it’s coming from somewhere locally,” Lemoine said. “And so the person thinks it’s something legitimate.”


Scam: Pay electronically


The scammer usually instructs the customer to pay electronically through services like MoneyPak, Green Dot or other transfer systems. If they don’t, the scammer said the customer’s power would be disconnected.

“If a caller tells you your bill is past due and that you must pay it immediately or face disconnection, that’s a clear warning sign of a scam,” Kacee Kirschvink, Entergy senior communications specialist, said. “Entergy never calls and demands immediate payment.”

Kirschvink added that customers should also be aware that if they’re asked to put money on a pre-paid debit card and asked to call back with the payment, they’re being scammed.

“Usually customers know whether or not they have paid their bill,” Kirschvink said. “If they aren’t sure if payment has been received or if their payment is past due, they should hang up the phone and call Entergy directly at 1-800-ENTERGY.”

Likewise, Lemoine advised people that if they’re not sure about the nature of the call, they should hang up and call Entergy to confirm whether or not the payment request was legitimate.

“Entergy will never call you and tell you, ‘Hey, we’re cutting your utilities off unless you pay now,’ ” Lemoine said. “They don’t ever do that.”


Methods of payment


Kirschvink listed several safe and Entergy-approved methods of payment including:

  • Pay online through the company’s website ( through their myAccount
  • Pay by phone through the company’s pay-by-phone provider, BillMatrix, at 1-800-584-1241
  • Bank draft from one’s checking account
  • Pay by mail by check to the remittance address shown on the bill