Sewer spouting stream of scum

Published 6:11 pm Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Getting It Right

In the Thursday, Feb. 8 edition of The News it read manhole spewing raw sewage into a ditch empties into the Lower Neches Valley Authority Canal. Scott Hall with the LNVA said, however, that ditch does not empty into their system.


It’s not Old Faithful but Port Arthur has its own geyser — a geyser spouting raw sewage.

A local man was out in a field training his dog Tuesday morning behind the west end of 53rd Street next to the Kansas City Southern Railroad. He soon made the discovery.

A manhole parallel to the KCS right of way was spewing raw sewage 5 feet to 10 feet into the air every 10 minutes. He found a pump inside the manhole and it was pressurized, which was causing sewage to spout.

He added that there were tampons, feces, toilet paper, condoms and other trash from the sewer finding its way into the adjacent concrete ditch. That ditch empties into the Lower Neches Valley Authority Canal, he said.

He called the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and reported the incident.

Andrew Keese, media relations specialist with TCEQ, wrote via email the agency is conducting an investigation in response to a complaint received Feb. 6. After the investigation is completed, a copy of the report can be provided upon request.