New vice president for Lamar State

Published 10:28 am Wednesday, February 7, 2018

By Lorenzo Salinas


Lamar State College Port Arthur will fill an important administrative position next month.

Pam Millsap will become the new vice president for academic affairs starting March 1. The decision comes as a result of two months’ worth of review and interviews by a team of LSCPA employees.

“A committee of faculty and staff interviewed viable candidates and identified Dr. Pam Millsap as the most qualified candidate for the position,” LSCPA President Betty Reynard said in an issued statement. “I am happy to report that Dr. Millsap has accepted the position.”

Former LSCPA President Sam Monroe said the college used to advertise nationally for a high-level position like the vice president.

“We would do it in a publication that would have wide viewership online and in a paper like the Chronicle of Higher Education,” Monroe said.

Several similar online venues would allow faculty and staff to screen a wide array of interested candidates and then narrow their search.

“Normally, you would have a committee made of faculty and staff that would be involved in the screening process,” he said. “And after that, they would invite several of the (candidates) to go to the campus; then interview those persons and have them meet with various students and staff and make their final choice.”

Monroe explained that with the advent of the internet and online searches, prospective employees of the school would have a much easier time in educating themselves about Lamar and determining whether or not it was a good fit for them.

Millsap graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree and earned a master’s and doctorate in clinical psychology from Vanderbilt University. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and has worked in institutes like the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Millsap touted an impressive record of career highlights and tenured positions in academia. She has been the vice president for instruction and the dean of general education for College of the Mainland, where she had taught since 2005 and been tenured since 2008. She previously served as chair of the social and behavioral sciences department.

She served as an adjunct professor at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

LSCPA is planning a reception in the near future for students, staff and members of the public to introduce Millsap before she takes over as VP.