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Small Business Saturday bodes well for local stores

By Lorenzo Salinas



Business appeared good—especially for small businesses in Mid County.

Shoppers were out and about on Small Business Saturday frequenting the local shops along Boston Avenue in Nederland. Business was brisk on the street as the pedestrian foot traffic surged through both sides of the historic district.

Trendy shops specializing in everything from clothing to jewelry to fabrics to healthy lifestyles filled the avenue as patrons looked both inside the stores and outside at their outdoor selections for deals or for just anything that looked good.

“We wanted to support local businesses and take advantage of local deals,” Tiffany Caywod said.

Caywod was browsing the selection of Sassy Trendz Boutique with her two daughters Peyton and Cameron. Caywod said she had shopped a little on Black Friday, but was bringing her business to local shops on Saturday.

Byron and Karen Duplechain were shopping for anything that caught their eyes at The Rustic Door.

“We support Small Business Saturday and we live in Nederland; so, we support (businesses) in Nederland,” Karen said.

For other shoppers like Angela Bolton, shopping local is a point of pride—regardless of where that shop would be. Bolton lives in South Carolina yet shops at Sassy Trendz whenever she visits her daughter in Nederland.

“Whenever we come here, we come to this store,” Bolton said. “They are the nicest bunch of people because of God.”

Bolton said even though other shops would sell the same things as Sassy Trendz would, the Nederland boutique is unique because of the staff and its two owners, Kimberly Hughes of Sassy Trendz and Jill Provost of Chatzkies Home Décor, Etc. The two owners and friends operate under the same roof.

Hughes attributed the steady stream of customers and rise in business on Saturday to a higher power.

“I have found out that ever since I’ve kept God first in my life, business has been a success,” she said. “I give to the Church… I trust Him and He gets me through it.”

Hughes was also quick to point out her store is a “safe place” where customers could not only feel comfortable browsing but should feel comfortable coming to her store just to talk or to pray.

As more customers appeared on the cobblestone sidewalk on a sunny afternoon to shop locally, it was clear the day would be good for local businesses.

“It helps people when customers shop at businesses around here instead of going to buy at a big store,” Maggie Guillot, employee at The Rustic Door, said.

Some stores like Glory B’s Consignment Boutique on the other side of Twin City on Boston even offered special incentives to attract more customers.

Storeowner Paula Leger showed off cute little purses at the checkout counter with colorful marquees that read “Shop small. Save big.”

For each customer who bought something, they could snag a tiny purse, open it and find a discount inside that they could immediately apply to their purchase.

“I try to shop local,” Leger said. “We are local people. People who shop here love this store.”