Edith’s—Where everybody knows your name

Published 1:37 pm Saturday, June 24, 2017

Yes, that’s the song that ran during the beginning of the TV sitcom Cheers some years ago. But it just might be perfect for the new eatery in downtown Port Arthur called Edith’s Place.
I’d been wanting to go down there and check it out since it opened last month, but had yet to be able to until last Friday. And I’ll say it is the new hangout where everybody knows your name.
After walking in I immediately saw a group of folks I know sitting at a table talking, having breakfast and just enjoying company. After shaking hands and hugs all-around I sat with the group and began visiting on anything and everything.
It’s important to note that these folks, like myself, have very passionate opinions and feelings about the city of Port Arthur. But not one of them was angry or distant about any past differences in opinions we may have had.
At the table was D2 City Councilman Cal Jones, D3 City Councilman Thomas Kinlaw, President of DP Industries Services Inc, Roosevelt Petry, Political Activist Antone Goudeaux and myself. All, who at one time or another have disagreed on different issues and political beliefs across our city.
Sitting at the table inside Edith’s Place, disagreements faded away to discussions of a common mind set, a better Port Arthur for all! As Roosevelt Petry sat next to me and said, “This is what Edith’s Place can do for Port Arthur. It can bring people together for the sake of everyone”. And I agree 100 percent.
Are we going to still disagree on different topics, Yes. Are my columns still going to irritate some individuals, Yes. Is that OK, Yes. But that’s not the point.
To be able to sit down, listen to each other, share our views, agree or not and still be able to find common ground. It’s something that we all want and care about. How we get there is where the issues come in to play. And if those willing truly seek common ground, it can be found.
And if places like Edith’s can become a foundation for that, how great would it be? Edith’s Place serves breakfast and lunch every Monday through Friday. So if your looking for some great home-style cooking, head to Edith’s Place on Proctor right across from the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

Rich Macke is publisher of The Port Arthur News. Contact him at rich.macke@panews.com.

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