After the Castile shooting, what do we do?

Published 2:36 pm Saturday, June 24, 2017

Officer Jeronimo Yanez who shot Philando Castile was acquitted of all charges. Usually, the black community would be up in arms and protesting the situation but something weird is happening.
I can see and feel their emotions. I am looking at people who are tired of seeing the same narrative happen. What makes this situation worse, we witnessed a child lose her father and a woman lose her man.
Listen to this story: Castile gets pulled over for a broken brake light and a couple seconds later the young man got shot seven times in front of his family. So, allow me to break the video down of what I saw and you will see why so many people are emotionally tired.
Yanez went up to the window and had a polite conversation with Castile telling him that his brake light was out. Then, Yanez wanted to see some insurance from Castile, in which he complied and showed him proof of his insurance.
Castile, who had a permit to carry, told the officer “Sir, I have to tell you I do have a firearm on me.” In which the officer replied, “OK, don’t reach for it then.” Yanez got defensive while raising his voice and Castile got defensive just trying to make sure he could make it home.
Finally, Yanez put seven bullets in Castile and the rest was history. I would love for anyone to tell me what this young man did wrong to get shot seven times in front of his family. He complied with the officer, told the officer he had a firearm, had a permit, and he still lost his life.
Therefore, the question must be asked, “what else is there to do?” We thought that putting cameras on officers would help but it clearly did not. We thought that complying with officers would help but that didn’t work, either.
If people ever wondered why the black community feels a certain type of way about police, this video should give you the answers. The video clearly shows Yanez murdering Castile and he got off; there’s no justification for this.
I’ve seen police officers use restraint against Dylann Roof after he walked into a church and shot nine people. I’ve seen police officers use restraint on multiple occasions and lives wasn’t lost. Why did Castile have to get shot seven times?
This was an inexcusable and disgusting act of murdered. What makes this worse, it is starting to become second nature to the black community. I don’t think people understand how much the impact of these events have on not only that family but our community.
We may not have all our eggs in the basket, but one thing that we always come together about are these young brothers who don’t deserve to lose their life to police brutality. Put yourself in our shoes and tell me how you would feel about this situation.

Kwon Bill is a former resident of Port Arthur currently in San Marcos attending Texas State University obtaining a master’s degree in public administration.

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