Despite disagreement, faith prevails

Published 12:49 pm Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tuesday night, the Port Arthur City Council discussed in executive session, then voted on in open session, to allow the city attorney to finalize the legal issue between the city and Attorney Langston Adams. That decision will see the city of Port Arthur pay $48,000 for Adams attorney fees incurred during the Edison Square lawsuit.
Although I completely disagree with, and cannot understand how all members of council came to this decision, I am not on city council and am not responsible for this outcome. So I must find the belief that the council as a whole did what they felt was best for the entire city.
In past columns I have shared my opinions on this topic, which called for councilmembers to recuse themselves, and I have pointed out perceived unethical act by individuals representing both parties. I believe my feelings are well reported and understood. And I still stand behind those views.
However, just because we disagree on an issue or its outcome should not mean we cannot continue working together. Differences of opinions are going to happen. They just are. To think that one will get along and agree all the time is simply unrealistic. We absolutely will not agree on everything that comes our way. But to be able to continue moving forward, the decisions of our past must not impede the overall goals that will lead us to our future, together.
This case has been going on since 2013. Our city government has been fighting it over four years now. The city council that was in place when this started looks much different that it does today. Some of the faces and names are the same, but some are not. So the process, discussions and goal of how issues would be handled are much different as well.
I will admit, when I heard the news that council was going to pass this item and put it behind the city, I was floored. I simply could not fathom that kind of thinking. And as I said before, I don’t agree with it. But for the citizens of Port Arthur, I need to push my feelings and emotions to the side, and believe that the Port Arthur City Council did what they felt was right for the city and its citizens. And I do support that.
Ultimately, isn’t that really all we have? Faith in each other. Faith that although we disagree, we are still fighting the same fight. Faith that we are all working toward the same goals. And faith that others understand this and can find it in themselves to do the same. I would like to think so.

Rich Macke is publisher of The Port Arthur News. Contact him at

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