Calling Nederland citizens, The Netherlands want to hear from you

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sybilla Claus, a reporter from the Netherlands is set to visit Nederland next week with the goal of interviewing as many Nederlanders as possible and collect stories and views from every corner of the city.

Claus will focus on the local economy, crime and small town life for the Dutch daily newspaper, Trouw.

“A panel of 60 readers of the newspaper Trouw have sent out questions for the Nederland citizens on a range of issues from poverty, pilgrim fathers (and mothers), religion, Obamacare and of course President Donald Trump, Claus said. “They are curious about your hopes and dreams. At the same time they look forward to answering any question you might have for them.”

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Do you want to participate in a week long exchange with some original Netherlanders? Then contact Mary Meaux at and send in your picture, name, age and occupation. We will report about all of this and select questions and answers for both the Port Arthur News and Trouw.

Reporter Sybilla Claus is the Americas editor for the Christian daily newspaper Trouw, which has a circulation of 110.000 copies. Claus has covered the Far East and Africa extensively. She will be blogging (in Dutch) for the website

Are you from Nederland? Do you have an interesting story to tell? You can send her a question or comment directly at

Claus is also looking to exchange cultural information such as local sayings.

Here are a few, with explanations, from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands means low lands because half of our country is located under sea level. We have lots of windmills (old and new), canals, rivers, lakes, dikes, rain and of course the sea. Therefore water is at the heart of many sayings. Here are a few literal translations.


  • It’s good fishing in muddy waters means: When there is confusion a bad person will profit.
  • Carry water to the sea means: Do unnecessary work.
  • Let the Lord’s water run over the Lord’s field means: Do nothing to improve a bad situation
  • Water always streams to the sea means: Rich people get most advantages
  • I can feel it in my water means: I know for sure

Claus wants to know ‘what do you consider a typical Texan or even Nederland expression? Do you care to tell the Dutch folk what it means? Send your local sayings to