Ask a cop: Do turn signals have to be amber?

Published 8:05 am Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Correction from last weeks column: The speed limit on the feeder of Hwy 69 north and south of Jimmy Johnson Blvd. is 55mph not 50mph. It was a typo Thanks Bill

David from Port Arthur Asks- Officer Antoine, I am a holder of a Commercial Driver License in the state of Texas. Just recently I’ve become the holder of 2 Commercial Driver Licenses in Texas, and this is a total surprise to me. I recently renewed my Drivers License and when I received my copy in the mail, two weeks later I surprisingly received a second and I’m confused not knowing what to do. Is it legal to have both? What should I do and if it’s not legal to have two driver licenses, which one is valid??? Thanks for all you do to educate the public!!!

Answer- Good question David!! Without seeing both documents you are in possession of I can imagine only two reasons why you received an additional drivers license. David, something probably changed on your RESTRICTIONS  listed on the front and rear of your Drivers License, or you had a change in the ENDORSEMENTS listed on your Commercial license. I can guarantee you this, both licenses are not valid. Chances are the second License you received will be the valid License. Just a reminder, it is prohibited to possess and Texas Identification card and a Texas Drivers License. David, the quickest fix to your issue would be to send me your Commercial Drivers License number and I’ll verify which license is valid, or if you can come in contact with a Police Officer I’m sure they wouldn’t mind assisting you. Upon you being notified which License is valid, please either send the non valid
license back in or destroy it!!

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Marcus from Port Arthur Asks- Officer Antoine, I’m a proud owner of a F-250 pickup and I saw something recently on another truck that I want dearly on my vehicle. But I have no interest in violating the Transportation Code of Texas so I decided to Ask A Cop! Officer Antoine, is it a violation to have switch back bulbs installed on a vehicle in Texas? I saw a vehicle where all the lights on the front of it were white and when he signaled to turn the bulb switched back to amber… I want that look for my truck, is it illegal to have switch back lighting on a vehicle in Texas???

Answer- Good question Marcus! Of course you have a truck living in Texas where boys like to play and accessorize their toys and horses (well that’s what non Texans believe anyway!) Marcus, I applaud your inquiry because too many motorists accessorize their vehicle without considering the legality of the change they make! In Texas, the lighting change to your truck you are referring to is Legal. According to the Texas Transportation Code 547.324(c)(d), it states: A turn signal lamp shall emit: (1) a WHITE or AMBER light, or a color between WHITE and AMBER if the lamp is mounted on the front of the vehicle. So Marcus, in Texas  “YES” your turn signals in the front of your vehicle can be white!!! Marcus, I hope motorists will start to pattern their vehicle accessorizing behavior after you and Ask before you Try!!
Quentin from Port Arthur Asks- I travel on Highway 365 in Port Arthur everyday and I always notice how people who are at stop signs don’t yield for those making a U turn at the boulevard. Officer Antoine, I need to confirm who’s correct. If I’m on Highway 365 near sonic or the mall and I want to make a U turn, who has the right to go first? Is it the car at a stop sign or me since I’m already on Hwy 365? Those at stop signs apparently don’t believe I do. Thanks for your help, I’m glad Port Arthur has Officer Antoine to keep us safe!!!

Answer- Good question Quentin!! Quentin, it seems like you are encountering motorists who are either rushed or don’t know the meaning of a stop sign. ALL vehicles at a stop sign must yield the right of way to the vehicle that’s already on the roadway namely Hwy 365 making a legal U turn. No matter how long they have to wait, no driver can enter the roadway until it is safe to do so!

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