Don’t leave valuables in the car

Published 11:35 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some recent car break-ins and thefts in Port Neches require us to, once again, remind our readers to keep their valuables safe.

Even if a car is locked, windows can be smashed easily enough and a firearm, a computer or anything else can be grabbed. The best place for a valuable that must be in the case is in the trunk or in a locked glove box, but it is generally best if valuable items are kept inside a home or on a person.

Finally, remember to keep lights on outside the home, and be alert. If you see a car or a person who does not belong in your neighborhood, call the police. It is safer than personally trying to get involved, and it is far better than doing nothing at all. Remember the old adage: If you see something, say something.

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Nederland residents must do better at recycling

No matter what your political beliefs, recycling has proven to be a good way for cities to cut down on landfill costs and a great way to reduce waste overall. Those goals promote conservation and conservative principals and we don’t know why someone would oppose such an endeavor.

But, this is exactly what has happened. Rather than just drop off recyclables, some residents have dumped non-recyclable material (otherwise known as garbage) at the Nederland drop-off point, thereby requiring city employees to spend more time sorting.

In response, the city has temporarily halted the program. Now, city workers are erecting cameras to perhaps catch the culprits once the program gets underway once again.

The city is right to set up cameras and we hope they will ticket whoever is responsible for wasting city time and resources. Such acts are nothing short of vandalism, and they should be treated as such.