School bus seatbelt law a good idea

Published 11:32 pm Saturday, January 21, 2017

Late last week, state Rep. Dade Phelan filed a bill that, if passed, will require school buses to be outfitted with seatbelts.

It is high time this be a requirement.

We have known for decades that seatbelts can save lives and prevent injury. The fact that buses are not usually in serious collisions does not matter because we need to prepare for the worst—not the usual.

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To be sure, this bill will cost some districts extra cash after September, when districts that need bus upgrades must buy newer buses with seatbelts instead of older buses without. However, an added expense for a school district is worth the life of a student.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Well, after a week of rain and clouds, we are happy for a couple of sunny days.

We also hope our readers will get out this Sunday, enjoy the cooler temperatures and take a stroll with the family or a pet—or just have a jog.

There aren’t too many cool months in Southeast Texas, but this weekend is a rare respite from the heat. Let’s not waste it!