Community deserves recognition

Published 12:37 am Friday, January 20, 2017

In case you missed the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce banquet last night, it was a celebration of all that is right in our community.

The annual event recognizes top businesses and business leaders, and it is also a reminder of just how vibrant our overall business community is. In no small part, it is strong because of you, our readers, the folks who buy services and who work in these businesses.

So, even if you did not attend the banquet, please note that you, too, deserve no small amount of recognition.

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Get involved

As we announced in Thursday’s paper, there are a variety of local elections coming up in May.

Yes, we realize we just wrapped up a very long election season, but come April, early voting will begin for city council and city school spots. Residents in Nederland, also, will pick two school board members.

These positions are not glamorous and we can’t expect the same sort of high stakes drama we witnessed nationally last year, but in many ways these positions are more relevant than the presidency.

Our school board and our city council members are the people who decide what streets get paved, what schools get renovated and how our tax dollars are spent at home. While some people pay little or no income tax, all of us pay sales tax and, whether or not we rent, most of us pay property tax one way or another.

So, get involved, stay informed and please register to vote if you have not done so.

For information about voting requirements or to request a voting registration form via mail, visit the secretary of state’s website,