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Wilson takes helm as 2017 Groves Chamber prez

GROVES — As Maggie Wilson prepares to take the helm as president of the Groves Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Center’s board of directors on Tuesday; she plans to look to past leadership.

“I’m not going to make empty promises. If I can just continue what past leaders — Tonya Petix, Kent Manuel, Kenny Blanda, have done and continue to grow membership,” Wilson, owner of Memorable Moments @ Maggie’s, said.

Being there through past presidents’ tenure, she was in awe.

“There isn’t anything they could have done any better than they did,” she said. “If I could just do as good of a job.”

She also wants to show her appreciation to the chamber members, she said.

“Those that volunteer, in my opinion, deserve to be recognized whether for their time, putting events together, paying membership dues, making donations, it all adds up,” she said.

Tonya Petix, outgoing president, believes Wilson is the right person for the task.

“After two years of being the chamber president I feel very confident to say that Maggie Wilson is a seasoned businesswoman with a huge heart,” Petix said. “She will do an amazing job for the Groves Chamber of Commerce. She gives every endeavor she encounters 100 percent.”

Wilson is a familiar face in the city as is her husband, Bobby Wilson, owner of Wilson’s Automotive. The couple owns the building at 5121 E. Parkway, which is located in front of the auto shop and about 10 years ago the building was transformed into a rental hall. Wilson joked how, after her husband sheetrocked the walls, he told her she’d better pick a color for the paint or he’d do it himself.

He did then Maggie’s creative side soon took over.

The neutral tones inside, coupled with elegant lighting, some antiques and more make for a picture perfect spot for special occasions.

“People say I have a knack for it and I think I do,” she said. “I will see something and say ‘I can do that.’”

Her clients are appreciative and sometimes become emotional.

“They will sometimes come in and start crying, saying it’s so beautiful, so perfect,” she said. “Some of these are second weddings. Then I start to tear up. I absolutely love what I do.”

After the event at her rental hall is over and done and she’s penning a little note to send along with the person’s deposit she sits back and smiles while thinking “I feel like I know this person.”