Thank you, Councilman

Published 4:28 pm Sunday, November 20, 2016

I’m writing this commentary because I’m thankful for people involved in our city politics like Councilman Osman Swati. He really cares for the people and what’s best for the city. It’s time to lock arms and move forward to make our city great! The voters are the voice of our city and by a very large margin voted to remove council seats 5 and 6.

A few weeks ago, there was a commentary in the paper that stated that Councilman Swati didn’t ask the citizens what they wanted. What better way to ask all the citizens what they want than to put it on the ballot? We live in a democratic society that is “God Bless America” good, and things are determined by a majority vote — and the majority wins. Councilman Swati sacrificed his own seat for the betterment of the city. He spent his own money to inform the voters what the proposition meant to the citizens of Port Arthur, not to mention that he worked the polls for two weeks.

A lot of the citizens signed a petition a few months ago that was being circulated to remove two seats with no research on which seats would make the most sense to eliminate. Councilman Swati did his homework because he agreed the size of the city warranted fewer council seats. He found out that most of the cities with about the same size population as Port Arthur (53,818) operated with fewer council members. He did his research and presented it to the council, and it was approved to put the proposition on the ballot and let all citizens have an opportunity to express their opinion by casting their vote.

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I see the proposition was overwhelmingly passed and we will be operating with two less council seats in 2018. I am thankful for Councilman Swati who will take a stand for what he believes to be the best for our city regardless of the cost. I was born and raised in Port Arthur. I love the city of Port Arthur and I love its people.

I was appalled by the fliers that were circulated in our city before and during the election depicting Councilman Swati as a terrorist and putting his entire family in harm’s way with such lies. It was and is WRONG! I think the terminology for that is “DIRTY POLITICS” and slander! Councilman Swati and his family invest and live in our city. He is a hardworking, honest man with much integrity. Mr. Swati’s heart is to continue making our city great, and to do that, he knows he must have a group of people who have the same mindset and goals. We must come together to make a win-win situation to improve our city. Again, the citizens of Port Arthur have spoken. Thank you, Councilman Swati. Job well done. Let the city of Port Arthur move forward in one mind and one accord.

I am proud of the progress our city has made, and I’m looking forward to the continued improvements being made in the city.

Keep up the good work!

— Deborah Freeman