Thank you, Port Arthur

Published 11:34 pm Saturday, November 12, 2016

As the elections come to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all for successfully passing the proposition to reduce the size of the city council. Clearly, I am not surprised but more so humbled to see such tremendous support throughout our city. With utmost sincerity, I would like to express my gratitude to each and every person who assisted me in ensuring that the general public of Port Arthur was informed about the merit of this proposal.

There was no doubt in my mind that reducing government spending this way is the best plan of action to move the city forward and regain the trust of the citizens in municipal government. However, with the various negative campaigns against it, the lies, wrong information, racial discrimination and propaganda circulating throughout the city, there was uncertainty in my mind on whether our citizens really understood the true purpose of this proposal and the effects it would have. Were their minds yet again tainted with false accusations and baseless lies? For this reason, I worked tirelessly and dfoe countless hours throughout this time to ensure that all of you were well informed about this charter change proposition. With such a landslide of support, I can respectfully declare that the citizens of the City of Port Arthur have spoken! The citizens of this city have raised their voices against deceit, defamation, propaganda and oppression from the truth. The citizens want to reduce unnecessary government spending. That is exactly what they voted to pass.

We, as public officials, should refrain from negative campaigns, as it only divides our community, rather than bringing it together. No matter what position we hold regarding a subject, working together is the only way to progress successfully to a prosperous future. I am humbled and honored to serve on this City Council and more so privileged to continue my service. It is my utmost intention to work with all council members for the remainder of my term with respect and dignity.

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At this point, it is imperative to bring your attention to the upcoming city election that approaches us in May of 2017. My fellow citizens, this election is by far the most important election for the City of Port Arthur in our time. The candidates who will be running must be strictly scrutinized to determine the best fit for our council and who will carry this city in the direction it is moving. We must refrain from the hateful politics, which has plagued our city for decades and has caused nothing more than divisions in communities. It is your civic duty as a citizen — and at the same time my humble request — to keep yourself informed of every candidate who chooses to run.

My purpose in serving on the city council is not to be recognized as someone of importance or carry some sort of title. Moreover, it is only to serve this community and make a positive difference. As part of my service, I am urging you all to stay informed and keep yourselves involved with the coming city election. We can bring about change in our community only when we take the first step to change ourselves.

Once again, congratulations to all of you for taking this step toward positive change. God bless you all and our great city!

Yours respectfully,

Osman Swati
Councilman for District 6