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Creighton gets new term in State Senate

Incumbent State Sen. Brandon Creighton, R-Montgomery County, has cruised to a second term representing Senate Dist. 4 with a blowout win over Libertarian candidate Jenn West.

Creighton carried Jefferson County with 83 percent of the vote. Districtwide, he had 101,923 vote3s for 86 percent and West had 17,066 votes for 14 percent with 75 percent of precincts reporting.

Senate District 4, encompasses parts of Montgomery, Harris, Chambers, Jefferson and Galveston Counties.

Over four terms in the House of Representatives, Creighton was elected by his peers to serve as Chairman of the Texas House Republican Caucus. He also served as Chairman of House Federalism. Creighton is an eighth-generation Montgomery County resident, where he lives with his wife, Fawn, and two children.