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Published 8:34 pm Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dear Sports Editor,


This letter is directed to Charles Brown. Please refer to his letter placed in the paper on Thursday, 10/20/2016 for comparison.

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Sir, I am glad you are proud of our president. (What that has to do with football, I have no idea, but I am glad you have a positive opinion of him.) Oh, wait, that’s right, it is an opinion.

Just as Dr. Cavness has the right to his opinion to believe that is no business of President Obama to be involved in writing policy orders related to transgender bathroom choice. (Let the state of Texas and school districts handle that situation.) You know, free country and all that right to express your opinions regardless whether others like it or not. You have the right to disagree with our superintendent. You have the right to disrespect him. Oh, and our superintendent even has the right to disrespect President Obama. (Once again, free country!)

Now for the game. I give Port Arthur Memorial and their coaching staff full credit for the victory. They ran hard, tackled hard and blocked hard. (Don’t know what that has to do with a military battle, but OK, free country.)

No one has the right to comment on kids’ grades. (Let the state of Texas and school districts handle that situation as well.) I will admit that PNG played a below-average game for us. We did not execute that well on offense. Our run defense was weak. Yet Memorial beat us by a mere 5 points. I guess according to your logic that makes a fully loaded Memorial Titans game effort exactly 5 points better than a below-average PNG Indians effort. (Yeah, that’s about right. My opinion, free country, you know.)

Hope for many more seasons of PNG vs. Memorial football. There will be many more exciting games. Hope that in the tradition of freedom of opinion and American rights and values that everyone should use the freedom to express their own beliefs regarding those games.

Oh, one other thing. I do not support smoking, in any way. So, I would not advise you stick this in a cigarette, cigar or pipe and smoke it. Well this is my right, my opinion. By the way, we don’t even know your fight song, but you will never forget ours! “Scalp ‘em Indians!!!”

L. Ray Block


Dear Sports Editor,


What’s in a name? For 2 games for PA Memorial vs. Nederland and PNG:

Nederland vs. PN-Groves: Mid-County Madness.

How about for PAM?

PAM vs. Ned: The 69 Bedlam.

PAM vs. PNG: The Twin City Bedlam, or you might call it Express. Either way, Bedlam or Express.

I don’t want the UIL to wreck any rivalry between PAM vs. Ned or PNG.

Final game of the regular season:

PAM-Vidor, PAM by 20

PNG-Ned, PNG by 20

Central over Baytown Lee by 20

Ozen 20 points over Livingston

Lumberton vs. bye, 0-0, Ha!

Richard L. Nelson


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