Sinegal should remain Jefferson County Precinct 3 Commissioner

Published 8:15 am Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In the long list of elections that our residents will be subject to over the next few months, one that should not be taken lightly is the County Commissioners Precinct 3 election on March 1. In the primary election, current County Commissioner, Michael Shane Sinegal, will be running against former Port Arthur City Councilman Stephen Mosely, who stepped down from his District 4 responsibilities to do so.

Commissioner Sinegal has a solid reputation of wanting what’s best for the city of Port Arthur and its residents. The work he has done as a youth coach, former city councilman himself and now county commissioner is solid. He’s not a grandstander; in fact he’s much the opposite, allowing others to take credit for items he has worked through. He is a proven community leader that deserves to stay as County Commissioner of Precinct 3.

I have two concerns about Stephen Mosely’s decision to run for the commissioner position. First off, Mr. Mosley was elected to the Port Arthur City Council less than two years ago. His platform, change is needed NOW, was the focus of his election. Without having even finished one full term as a Port Arthur City Councilman he’s stepping down to do something different. We need people dedicated to the task of moving our communities forward. We need people who understand that change takes time and are willing to put in the time to see it through. Our citizens deserve that much.

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And let us not forget that by stepping down in the middle of his term he has created the need for an additional election now set for April 2 to cover District 4. That causes a very large additional expense falling somewhere between $70,000 and $85,000 that the city will incur. That is a large expense that is very much unneeded.

Secondly, I strongly appose any individual that is in the media, at any level, who wants be a part of politics. Having your own newspaper, radio station or television station offers too much temptation to use your medium for your own political agenda and gain, and is a direct violation of FCC regulations. Mr. Mosely is the owner/operator of “The Breeze” radio station in Port Arthur. I feel if Mr. Mosely indeed wants to continue focusing his attention on politics, then there needs to be a complete separation from his radio station.

When you have someone in place with the background, experience and passion of Commissioner Sinegal, you don’t replace, you Re-elect! On March 1, Vote to Re-elect Michael Shane Sinegal as County Commissioner Precinct 3!

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