Ask a cop: Speed limit in Texas now same at night as during day

Published 11:14 am Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yolanda from Port Arthur asks: Hello Officer Antoine, I’ve been a faithful follower of your column for over a year now, and I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical about reading or listening to anything you had to say. Yes, in case you are wondering I have been stopped by you more than once, and neither time was I a happy camper. But today, I’m overjoyed to know that you are not the jerk I once perceived you to be, and I apologize for all the nasty comments I’ve spoken about you to others. I know now that you are here to help and not hurt! I was speaking with a friend the other day about the nighttime speed limit being 65 mph. What happened to it? Is it still the law in Texas?

Answer: Good question, Yolanda! Thanks for being part of the solution of Port Arthur motoring community. I’ve heard that JERK word several times to describe me, but Yolanda, as long as motorists are abiding by the law and we are lowering our wrecks/crashes and fatalities/deaths on the roadway, you can call me whatever, just don’t call me late to dinner (Smile)! The nighttime speed limit on the highway of 60 mph was abolished in Texas in 2011, when Texas raised the highway speed to 75 mph. If you can notice there are NO nighttime speed signs anymore in Texas. Yolanda, even though the state has agreed to allow motorists to travel up to 75 mph at night time, that doesn’t mean that this should be automatically done, because you have to consider that your vision is much more limited at night than in the day. As always, Yolanda, “Drive Safe” during the day and especially at night.

Harold from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, I have a question for you. Not long ago I was at a meeting and someone was complaining about getting a speeding ticket in Port Arthur. He was going on and on about not being familiar with that part of town, so he didn’t know the speed limit. Officer Antoine, is there any consideration that the Police Department gives to a motorist who is not familiar with the speed limit on a particular road in Port Arthur?

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Answer: Good question, Harold! Your associate ran into an issue that should be known by all drivers. If you are in an unfamiliar area and you haven’t located a speed limit sign, the maximum speed limit is to be assumed by all motorists is 30 mph, if you are traveling in a residential or urban district. Harold, 30 mph will be the speed limit in a urban/residential area unless special circumstances for safety calls for the speed limit to be slower. A good rule of thumb is if you are on a road and you see houses assume the speed limit is 30 mph.

20-Year Vet from S.E. Texas asks: Officer Antoine, you came to one of our Texaco retirement dinners this year and I enjoyed your talk. My question is why are our cities, Port Arthur, Nederland, Port Neches so dirty? I’ve seen people while driving throw stuff out of their windows and cop cars are close by but never stop them. I’ve been all over the world while in the service and Japan is the cleanest place I’ve ever seen. The people over there care! I know you all have a tough job, and I constantly pray for the men & women who protect us. Thanks, Officer Antoine, you and your unit are doing a good job. Some people don’t think so, but if they could just learn to use the cruise control they won’t get a ticket. I’ve spent 20 years in the service and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes today. I just want to see my community cleaner! My prayers are with all of you….A 20-Year Vet.

Answer: Good question, 20-Year Vet! First… I salute and say THANK YOU and any reader of this column for their sacrificial service to our country, the good ole U.S. of A. Without men and women like you, we couldn’t be the land of the FREE! 20-Year Vet., it sickens me as well to see trash spread all over the roads of our community and Texas. Our motto is “Don’t mess with Texas,” apparently there are many who believe that slogan mean doesn’t “pick” with Texas. 20-Year Vet., I believe we as a society don’t care about littering anymore, because we know someone else will pick it up. I’ve even heard someone say, “I was trying to keep somebody employed.” Littering from your motor vehicle is a crime, no matter how small of trash you are disposing. If you are not placing it in a trash receptacle it is ILLEGAL. If being Illegal is not enough to deter litter bugs, I’m not certain about Nederland or Port Neches, but the Municipal Court of Port Arthur set a minimum fine of $500 plus court cost for throwing trash out of your vehicles. 20-Year Vet, hopefully we can make a difference “ONE READER AT A TIME!”

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