PA investigation into gas thefts leading to more arrests

Published 4:47 pm Friday, November 20, 2015


An investigation resulting in the arrest of a former superintendent of the Streets Division for the city of Port Arthur is not over, and could result in the arrests of more city employees.

Carleton Edwards, 49, was arrested Thursday and charged with 46 counts of credit card abuse after an investigation led to his firing and that of two others, Steve Guidry and Randall Davis.

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Though the initial investigation revealed the trio admitted they had stolen fuel by using city-issued gas cards, Guidry and Davis have not yet been arrested.

“The initial investigation into the three individuals already named has led to other widespread issues and other individuals who possibly violated the city and the public’s trust. Those cases are being looked at on an individual basis and once completed other charges could be filed if the evidence is there,” Marcelo Molfino, assistant chief of investigations with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office, said.

Since the investigation, started people have been coming forward with more information, said.

Anyone who comes in and talks with either the DA’s office, or Lt. Blitch at the Port Arthur Police Department, will be seen as assisting in the investigation and could receive consideration for their cooperation in this ongoing investigation, Molfino said.

“So the best thing to do is to come forward and talk with myself or Lt. Blitch,” Molfino said. “Once a case is made, it’s a done deal.”

Though Guidry and Davis have not been arrested, they remain suspects.

Molfino said both the city and the DA’s office were taking the allegations serious.

“The biggest thing here is whether it is 50 cents or $50,000, the point is if a person is working for a government entity, stealing cannot be tolerated because these are tax dollars that could be allocated in other places,” Molfino said

Anyone that has knowledge of wrongdoing by these individuals, or others working for the city of Port Arthur, are urged to come forward, even if they are not guilty themselves, Molfino said.

“Even if it is secondhand knowledge, it is up to us to find out whether it is fact or fiction. Any calls anyone can put forward to us on this would be beneficial,” Molfino said. “This is a public integrity factor and the community is watching. Some of these things did not happen overnight, but hopefully this will help the city rebuild from mismanagement.”

To reach Molfino call 409-835-8550, or for Blitch call 409-983-8600.


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