A question that begs to be answered

Published 4:39 pm Monday, November 2, 2015

Since my endorsement of Position 7 candidate Charlotte Moses last Sunday, questions have arisen through a political attack on social media about her character and ability to handle the City Council position. In a story written by Port Arthur News reporter Sherry Koonce in the Thursday, Oct. 28, edition, Ms. Moses had been found to have mismanaged hurricane recovery funds that she was responsible for in 2007. It is important to note that charges were never filed against her.

Some have asked the question why would I endorse someone who made this type of mistake in their past? Very simple, if this was 2007, I would not be endorsing Ms. Moses. But I fully believe a person’s past does not define them, it simply act as a road map to the person they are today. In the case of Ms. Moses, I fully believe that she has bettered her person by learning from the mistakes of eight years ago. Which is a BIG deal! She has admitted that she was over her head back then. She has gone back to school and taken classes to learn more about 501c3. Given the same situation today we would see a much different outcome.

How many of us can look back at our past eight, 10 or even 15 years ago and say “I’m glad I’m not that person anymore”? I’d be willing to bet that number is quite large. Life is about learning and becoming a better person through the adversities our lives go through. Not being judged by our past, especially if we don’t live there anymore!

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But I think the BIGGER question that begs to be answered is, why does another political camp find the need to drum up an issue from eight years ago? This is also a very simple answer.

It’s important to understand that the individuals pushing this attack on Ms. Moses are supporters of the fourth candidate, Reginald Trainer. They know that Ms. Moses is a force and that she is the candidate most likely to keep their candidate off city council, because she is that good. If they felt Antoine Freeman or Tom Henderson were going to be the top vote getters, they would be looking for something on them as well, but they don’t. They are the ones dropping off envelope after envelope to media outlets in Port Arthur & Beaumont trying to start enough controversy with Ms. Moses that you, the voters become concerned and/or confused.

You know what they say about people living in glass houses? We have a city that has been through years and years of mismanagement of funds. And to this day we still have individuals who have been sitting on city council term after term, and have not done a thing about it. Of course, that is until our current city manager came on board.

These same people are in support of Reginald Trainer. And their agenda is simple as well. They need more numbers on city council so they can continue to drive Port Arthur down the road it has been going for years.

If we are going to turn this city around, the focus must be on the individuals who can work together as a team. The individuals that can share their own opinions and be OK with the fact that we may not always agree on important items, but can still find common ground for the betterment of the entire city. This past Monday, I did vote for Charlotte Moses for City Council Position 7, and would do so again. Because she is what our city needs NOW!


But our city also needs voters. Citizens need to share their thoughts by way of casting a vote for the individual they feel will help our city the most. So I urge you to take the time on Tuesday, Nov. 3 to vote. It is your right!

Rich Macke is publisher of The Port Arthur News. Contact him at rich.macke@panews.com.