TODORA COLUMN: Bowling scores settle down after hot start

Published 11:09 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2015

By Janice Todora
News bowling columnnist

This week high scores are spread out through the leagues. Thursday’s Energy Country had Branden Powell leading all bowlers of the week by shooting 258-234-259 for a 751 set. Skipper Arsenault led the senior men shooting games of 225-223-269 for a 717 series. Finally Alice Barnes led the senior women firing games of 211-215-158 for a 584.
Monday night’s Valero league had the top women bowler this week. Georgeann Richardson found her mark as she shot games of 246-215-211 for a 672 series.
The Stars of Tomorrow were led by Brandon Bertrand, as he had a high game 199 on his way to a 511 set.
As we go through the season, if there are any special announcements, any dates for upcoming bowling tournaments, especially where our Max Bowl bowlers excel, please notify Janice. Janice bowls on the Thursday night Energy Ford League or the Wednesday morning Queen Tumblers. We also know several of our bowlers bowl in Beaumont at either Star or Crossroads. Any honor scores accomplished at those houses will be reported, but we need to know. Be proud of what you do on the lanes. Let’s let everyone know about what you have done. Until next week, happy bowling:
• 700s: Branden Powell-258-234-259-751, Sean Mouchette-258-246-211-715, Skipper Arsenault-225-223-269-717, Rocky Garza-247-266-190-703, Chuck Mitchell-236-256-214-706, George Gund-239-245-206-690, Jimmy Calder-207-224-269-700, Charles Venable-196-250-268-714, Mike Jacquet-246-253-222-721.
• 600s: Lynn Bourgeois-245-641, Thang Nguyen-238-611, Raul Bastidas-258-683, Chuck Burns-226-646, Bill White-246-657, Drew McClary-255-690, David Bruno-234-609, Ryan Worthy256-659, Erick Brown-278-682, George Duke-223-624, Joey Pitre-235-639, Cuong Cao-245-603, Belinda Powell-236-646, Ben Wolfe-247-686, Tommy Nguyen-255-656, Derik Gund-245-690, Trey Todora-224-613, Logan Lomasney-235-666, Richard Calder-238-629, Georgeann Richardson-254-603, Jamie Engle-233-679, Tray Batson-247-667, Rick Hermsen-225-648, Russell Hebert-222-636, Eric Manthei-279-653, Trint Miguez-232-670, Erik Postula-236-668, Renee Moity-236-623, Bret Chipman-214-611, James Moity-255-658, C.J. Moity-245-655, Tommy Girolamo-222-625, Oliver Balagot-216-617, Marvin Balagot-244-604, Trey Todora-269-673, Merced Rodriguez-225-619, Dean Wersig-226-642, Casey Smith-277-621, Ryan Cooper-227-617, James Moity-253-639, Bill White-249-687, James Pitre-223-610, James Pitre-257-644, Bill White-246-634, Stan Ruth-220-601, George Duke-235-658, Britt Morphew-267-618, Andrew Pridemore-226-635, Lancer Sylvester-254-657, Mack McPhatter-235-633, Rhett Williford-238-673, CJ Moity-262-650, Roger Hartwig-227-609, Blake Dugas-245-660, Ryan Worthy-245-642, Erick Brown-234-625, Richard Cooper-226-644, Branden Powell-250-653, Caleb Klein-225-637, Dean Wersig-255-671, Casey Smith-225-640, James Moity-235-675, Tyler Combs-266-697, Bill White-237-651, Trey Todora-254-690, Matt Mannino-258-654, Logan Lomasney-247-650, Marcus Hale-240-673, Russell Hebert-249-641, Troy Girolamo-215-624, Mark Maxwell-233-604, Georgeann Richardson-246-672, Steve Powell-233-607.
• Energy Country: Scott Cooper-213-564, Eric Kyles-216-593, James Pitre-212-544, Alice Barnes-215-584, Michael Morvant-183-503, Janice Todora-169-472, Brian Smith-209-520, Jeff Witzleben-223-597, Keith Morel-216-594, Karen Duke-171-457, Gabriel Torres-201-542, Daniel Torres-193-503, John Truong-198-543, Johnar Brown-191-483, Kevin Truong-193-486, Heather LaBauve-168-419, Shelly Moity-205-498, Colton Matt-180-475, Brittany Lee-137-359, Joe Wolfe-228-557, Matt Cain-156-394, Logan Cain-111-287, Langdon Gund-221-548, Rhonda Stout-213-550, Rene Pulver-174-472, John Ferguson-162-457, Benji Walley-186-481, Art Turner-184-511, Troy Girolamo-222-595, Felicia Johnson-138-397, Houston Rideaux-204-596, Dennis Thompson-211-520, Mark Maxwell-227-597, Bryan Boldt-212-582, Paul Vaughan-211-572, Chris Chance-198-468, Craig Rankin-184-485, Hunter Engle-224-538, Larry Manganice-194-491, Trang Le-123-321, Buddy Sepeda-201-561, Linda Singleton-230-517, George Parsley-149-331, Mary Jane Parsley-171-504, Chuck Clark-185-458, Tammy Nick-225-597, John Lemonis-191-539, Bobby Clark-201-572, Steve Comer-221-549, Chris Edwards-225-592, Chase Leger-202-545, Colby Daniel-204-530, Tony Falgout-170-498, Bob Bellow-214-584.
• Queen Tumblers: June Badon-177-425, Emily Davis-125-345, Frances Boudreaux-179-456, Alice Barnes-222-569, Donna Kelly-153-434, Donna Loupe-140-349, Elsie Tweedel-192-456, Janice Todora-146-425, Joyce Porter-133-324, Martha Thomasson-159-451, Connie Mathison-170-481, Flo Benoit-148-332, Beverly Wallace-164-454, Rita Hicks-188-497.
• Golden Oldies: Robert Seymour-183-475, Chris Heath-182-463, Paul Vaughan-200-550, C.J. Moity-258-640, VJ Willis-171-426, Mary Kay Rios-154-406, Brenda Mire-138-377, Don Edgerly-177-463, Phil Rogers-181-526, Blanch Comeaux-214-499, Cindy Hebert-124-328, Marcie Andrews-147-303, Hedy Zaampini-184-490, Charlotte Banks-146-378, James Pitre-222-547, Cynthia Williams-142-343, Gloria Divello-201-559, Betty Sheffield-148-380, Cathy LaPointe-127-350, Mary Gravitt-129-320, Pete Chaisson-206-545.
• Mid-County Mixed: Tessie Balagot-178-506, Israel Guidry-163-439, Mita Ikari-156-361.
• Fun Bowlers: Taylor Day-193-512, Aaron Wersig-201-508, Dylan Girolamo-148-400, James Neel-204-506, Kara Castillo-153-425, Becky Lamb-168-489, Stuart Ellis-213-514, Kerry Stevens-206-579, Bobby Abraham-142-391, Calvin Hall-203-560, Valeria Curiel-123-348, Jeff Lopez-125-335, Scott Simeon-139-370, Melissa Simeon-135-387, Mark Hall-205-571, Dee Dennis-195-516, Eric Kyles-215-494, Diana Neel-153-371, Steve Killion-171-474, Ed Zuschlag-142-400, Chayla Merritt-161-428, Chris Merritt-217-596, Corey Zampini-177-477, Theresa Beavens-172-451, Dolores Rodriguez-150-360, Dawn Carona-172-466, Blake Dugas-200-521, Bryan Chichester-220-526, Dick Chichester-183-478, Jimmy Simon-177-469, Sue Rikoff-172-445, Kenny Johnson-193-519, Lorrie Gallien-159-413, Myra Swiney129-342, Molly Hogan-214-535.
• Road Runners: Geraldine Rebert-169-456, Chris Heath-142-379, Robert Seymour-214-556, John Anderson-189-529, Hedy Zampini-176-491, Cynthia Williams-144-382, Lewis Garza-182-492, Bill Allen-164-432, Blanch Comeaux-176-471, Frank Rios-156-398, Bill Lawless-166-450, Charlotte Banks-141-384, Phil Rogers-172-456.
• Medical Center: Ron Carlin-172-458, Chelsea Carlin-119-349, Adam-190-482, Melissa-138-332, Pam Pacetti-122-335, Doug Rice-110-272, Joe Hurst-160-388, Shane Bryan-130-325, Garland Bryan-116-333, Terry Belshe-178-468, Arvia Willis-137-366, Jacoby Davis-65-400.
• Monday Seniors: Roberta Dufour-139-378, Stacie Williams-125-349, Cotton Glidwell-183-483, Cynthia Williams-140-395, William Gore-158-429, V.J. Willis-173-457, Earl Duhom-138-364, Don Dunn-189-475, Bill Lawless-179-462, John Robison-168-481.
• Valero: John Parent-246-572, Farrell Menard-160-467, Jamaal Lowe-210-546, Darrell Robinson-193-499, Eric Kyles-194-550, Victor Garcia-145-342, Caitlin Pridemore-105-249, Ryan Zeszeg-190-555, Derek Winfield-228-525, Zachary Beckett-173-503, Hubert Goffney-179-471, Chance Ward-169-433, Rusty Doucet-232-568, Christopher Keisler-179-447, James Coldwell-212-504, Jason Hale-142-390, Jeffery Moore-136-390, Adam Wersig-178-484, Justin Cates-171-498, Justin Sanders-152-395, Gus Saba-144-406, Kaylen Vera-129-350, Greg Vera-170-467, Zach Wiley-141-344, Charlene Wersig-181-505, Sean Conner-169-457, Jeremy Tremonte-213-533, Elaine Whitten-153-445, Maryana Kimball-184-502, Chris Heath-149-403, Alanda Boldt-194-524, Aaron Vanover-233-568, Mark Richard-213-494, James Pitre-237-587, John Robison-209-544, Joe Wolfe-212-580, Alan Kay-256-594, Patsy Ronquille-185-486, Bryan Boldt-215-585, Larry Manganice-180-479, Les Perrin-211-526, Scott Harlow-216-559, Kyle Miller-192-512, Michael Nash-145-421, Dee Dennis-160-460, Sandy Robbins-161-433, Royce Robbins-170-475, Jason Robbins-190-537, Lewis Garza-209-588, Bonnie Maxwell-163-425, Robert Seymour-214-518, Gail Seymour-200-554.
• Stars of Tomorrow: Blaine Seymour-160-467, Kayla Kay-157-406, Rachel Vanderleeuw-86-244, Brandon Bertrand-199-511.

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