Move Mid-County Madness? I mean, Bum Bowl? Please

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 16, 2015

On a hot July Monday — I can’t think of a cold one — Roger Cowles drove me past the place they call The Reservation. There, I looked up, and I saw a beauty.

Three things came to mind: One, I’m going to cover some games in that castle of a stadium. Two, my college stadium isn’t even that big. Three, I’ve reached the big time. I’m gonna cover Texas high school football.

That day, Rich Macke and Roger sat me down and explained to me the importance of the Port Neches-Groves vs. Nederland rivalry, the football game of which is now known as the Bum Phillips Bowl.

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Then I saw the trophy. My eyebrow was sharply arched, my dimples indented.

Soon after, I saw Bulldogs Stadium. So many seats, so big a scoreboard, so serious this whole thing is.

Real soon, I got my taste of the action in both stadiums. To think Mid-County Madness tops everything I’ve seen … from all accounts, of course.

And what do I find out? An online group wants to relocate the Bum Bowl to Lamar University.

No, no, and heck, no. I have lived here long enough to know this game doesn’t belong anywhere outside Mid-County. It doesn’t matter that this is my first dance at the big ball.

From a name standpoint, it’s not North County Madness. From an economic standpoint, the dollars need to stay in Mid-County. From a standpoint of spirit, it’s too important to both school districts to move the game.

Move it to a neutral site, and the luster of the game — and that of both The Reservation and Bulldogs Stadium — will be lost.

You’d be amazed what I learn in two months.

This isn’t Texas vs. Oklahoma or Florida vs. Georgia. This is even more special. I just have to live it, and I don’t have a Dog — or Indian — in the fight.

The crowds and pageantry will grab me. So will awarding the trophy to the winner.

I have to take a big breath, now, because I am almost speechless.

Anyone in a Super Bowl mood? Or will you be soon after the Madness is overwith?

Like, really soon?

The reason I ask is that I’m working on an extended piece for our Triangle Living magazine, which is coming in January (just in time for the NFL playoffs), but I have an editorial deadline of the end of November. I am asking for 4 to 6 really good recipes (not per person) for Super Bowl dishes, hors d’oeuvres, trays, etc., … anything that keeps our mouths occupied during the Big Game (aside from yelling at the television). The sooner I receive a recipe, the better because of the approaching deadline.

Email me at and please send me not only the recipe but a background on the recipe. For example, what’s your story behind it? Why did you choose some of the treats? Do you prepare the food for each Super Bowl Sunday? Be sure to leave a phone number so I may contact you as needed.

If you have photos of you and your creation, please send those as well. If not, we can arrange for photography. Just another way for me to mix in meeting people with food.

I.C. Murrell can be reached at On Twitter: ICMurrellPANews

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