Ask a cop: What is speed limit near Memorial High School?

Published 11:20 am Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From the Chief of Police and ALL the Men and Women who put on the uniform to protect the citizens of Port Arthur, we want to say “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU” to all of the businesses, schools and community members who took time to send all the cakes, cookies, water, bags of care, meals, and the warm wishes and appreciation cards to the Port Arthur Police Department. We have read each of them and they are plastered all over the walls of the Police Station, so officers are reminded every day that there are those who “CARE.” Simple things like this go a long way to boosting the morale of those who suit up to protect and serve Port Arthur. I can’t help but mention the handshakes and words of support that we receive daily.

Brenda from Port Arthur asks: I enjoy reading your column, Officer Antoine, it is very educational. I actually have two questions regarding traffic in school zones. Where there is a sign indicating a school zone, but there is no sign indicating the end of a school zone, when is it OK to resume the normal speed limit?  Also in the area on Ninth Avenue near Memorial High School, the posted speed limit is 45 mph, and a few feet from that sign is a yellow sign with flashing lights that say “Caution School Traffic.”  Is the legal speed limit in that area 45 mph or is it 35 mph as stated near Adams Elementary?

Answer: Good question, Brenda! School zone traffic is an area where we, as Police Officers, pay special and close attention to monitor the traffic, to assure the safety of our children. Brenda, we have a problem and we must contact our city engineers if there is no “End School Zone” sign to signal to motorists that they can resume the normal posted speed. The best guess until we get the sign up, is to notify motorists to observe the opposite side of the road and see where the speed limit begins in the other direction. By the way, Brenda, please notify me what school zone doesn’t have an “End School Zone” sign. I understand there are a lot of traffic signs on Ninth Avenue, but it’s not for entrapment, but for the safe travel of all motorists on this heavily traveled road. The caution school zone sign means just that, “Be cautious!” Brenda, you are allowed to drive up to the maximum speed limit of 45 mph if you so desire, but as the sign states the heavy school traffic may cause you to reduce your speed.

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Kathy & Perry from Port Arthur ask: Dear Officer Rickey Antoine, we read your column regularly. Our question we have is this: At the intersection of Jimmy Johnson and Twin City Highway, is it ever legal to make a “U” turn on a Red light? We have seen this happening regularly. Maybe a sign would be helpful. Thank you for all the good work you do!
Answer: Good question Kathy & Perry! AB-SO-LUTE-LY NOT! Kathy & Perry, this is so wrong and dangerous, and it appears that some motorists are making up their own rules. It is ILLEGAL to make a U turn on a RED LIGHT at Jimmy Johnson and Twin City Highway. If you do so, you disregard or run the red light. But thanks to you Kathy & Perry, we will put a stop to this inappropriate driving behavior. I will be in contact with our supervisor and city engineers to find out what signage would be most helpful there. Thanks, Kathy & Perry, for speaking up and informing us about this problem, because it’s citizens like you, Kathy & Perry, and many others who make Port Arthur and surrounding communities a safer place to commute. Thanks for being part of the solution and regular reader of this column.

Steve from Groves asks: Officer Antoine, I heard of the Uber taxi service in other major cities, I’m interested in signing up for Uber. What do I have to do to get started in Port Arthur offering Uber taxi service? Is Uber allowed to operate in Port Arthur?

Answer: Good question Steve! At this point we don’t have anyone offering the Uber taxi service in the city of Port Arthur. Yes, Steve, I am aware of booming Uber taxi and the service it provides, but I have limited knowledge of the operations of Uber taxi service. I do know that ANY taxi service has to be permitted through the city of Port Arthur first. You are not allowed to sign up with Uber and start operating in Port Arthur until you have been permitted with the city of Port Arthur. For more information, contact Officer Tyre Thomas of the Port Arthur Police Traffic Enforcement Unit. He monitors the taxi services in the city of Port Arthur.

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