Position 7 election on horizon

Published 9:01 am Monday, October 12, 2015

Over the coming weeks local politics will begin to heat up for the Nov. 3 election, with Port Arthur City Council Position 7 seat the hot topic. In August, the PACC voted to hold a special election on the Nov. 3 ballot to fill the unexpired position currently held by City Councilman Derrick Freeman, who has announced his intention to run for Mayor of Port Arthur in May.

At this point in the race to become the next City Council Member for Position 7, which is a citywide election, candidates have been relatively quiet — at least as it compares to previous races.

Four individuals have stepped up to run for Position 7 and help to lead our community to a better place. Thomas Henderson is a former City Councilman. Antoine Leonard Freeman is a local attorney. Charlotte Moses is a business owner and executive pastor. Reginald Trainer is a business owner and leader of the group that wants to keep Edison Square from being built. He is also suing the city.

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Later this month, The Port Arthur News will invite all candidates to visit with us and share their views about the city and how they plan to be a part of implementing positive change for our residents. After that, we expect to offer our endorsement for one of the four to become the next Port Arthur City Council Member for Position 7.

All interviews will be published in The Port Arthur News so you, the reader, can gain additional insight on each candidate. I plan to be listening for specifics. Not simply the topics that each resident already knows are issues, but plans on how to move our city past those issues. How do they feel about reducing the number of city council seats from 9 to 7? And why? Would they be running for city council if it were not a paid position? Would they still have run if it were a 100 percent volunteered position as is in many other communities? And what do they see as their roll if elected to the city council?

As this election encompasses all citizens over all districts throughout our city, it is an important one. Yes, all elections are important, but this is the first in a number of elections that will be coming our way between now and the middle of next year that could promote positive change for years to come.

We hope you are as excited as we are, and will become an active part of these elections by getting out there this November and voting.

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Rich Macke is publisher of The Port Arthur News. Contact him at rich.macke@panews.com.