JANICE TODORA ON BOWLING: Fall season is back

Published 11:02 pm Monday, October 5, 2015

Bowlers, we are back to reporting the highlights for this fall season for the Max Bowl.

First let’s do a little clean-up. Back on Nov. 24, 2014, the Monday night league Valero had the team Gutter Entropy shoot an honor team series for three men and one woman.

Gutter Entropy team members Rhett Williford, RaeAnna Todora, C.J. Moity & Roger Hartwig shot

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a 3075. This past Sept. 15, USBC notified the team members that their team series placed first in the three-man, one-woman team series category. Congratulations on this excellent performance.

We are going to format this first article a little different, as we have a little catching up to do. So, let’s gets started.

On June 18, Matthew Maxwell stepped up to the lanes and shot tremendous games of 273-267-279 for a impressive 819 set.

The first week of the fall season started off the Wednesday night Fun Bowlers, providing all the entertainment. RaeAnna Todora shot the high series of the week, as she hammered games of 274-299-228 for her first-ever 800 series (801). Eric Manthei led the men firing games of 227-226-297 for a 750 series. Alice Barnes led the senior women shooting 204-221-162 for 606 set and Tommy Girolamo, who led the senior men, shot games of 222-209-257 for a 688.

The second week pretty much had the same leaders as week one. Manthei shot 247-266-229 for a 742 set and Todora led the women shooting 237-247-236 for a 720 series.

Alice Barnes led the senior women shooting 224-182-217 for a 623, and Curtis Harrington led the senior men with a nice 235-219-236 for a 690 set. Week three finally had all the leagues getting into action as Eric Harrington in the Energy Country Ford league led the men with a near perfect 299-268-246 for an 813 series.

Also in the same league, our high woman bowler of the week, Sami Jo Williams, got the season off by shooting games of 279-229-242 for a 750 series. Also, Manthei put a little excitement into the night as he hammered out the season’s first 300 game. Eric finished the night with a 215-248-285 for a 748 set.

The senior male bowler of the week from the Golden Oldies league, Moity, shot games of 267-259-244 for a 770 set. Also bowling in the Golden Oldies, Gloria Divello led all senior women with games of 161-209-223 for a 593 set.

This is a condensed bowling report, as for next week we will go back to our normal format. We want to congratulate ALL bowlers as we start our fall season.

All indications to date is that participation has increased as leagues have increased in size. There is no cleaner sport that you can get into to enjoy family and friends and a fun night out.

In closing the family of this columnist would like to thank all of the bowlers for their generous donations, the 50-50 pots and the raffles of the two wreaths, as we still struggle to comprehend this tragic loss of our son-in-law Zane Wooley. A special thank you to Jamie and Aimee Engle for the two wreaths and to Renee Moity for initiating the 50-50s. Thanks to everyone for their show of support for our family during our time of grief.

Until next week, happy bowling.