Watch over the men & women in blue

Published 11:05 am Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Everyday local police officers leave the comfort of their own homes knowing full well that they might possibly not come home. They say goodbye to their loved ones and put their lives on the line for each and every one of us. People they don’t even know!

Protect and serve is the calling each of them have and the duty they accept. But recent events across the county have unfortunately put these brave men and women in an increased unstable situation while they patrol our streets.

It seems as though every week, there is a new news story of a police officer that has been shot and/or killed. We hate to think of it this way, but almost as though they had become a targeted victim. “Victim”, an interesting word to use to describe those who help us when we have become victimized. Doesn’t seem possible, but is becoming the perception among communities outside our area.

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But here in Southeast Texas supporters of our men and women in blue have become vocal on Facebook and Twitter in starting a movement that calls on our communities to keep a watchful eye over these brave individuals. Just last week I read a post where a couple of gentlemen, driving through Bridge City, saw an office pulling over a vehicle. As the vehicle pulled into a parking lot as instructed by the officer, showing their support and backing, they pulled into the parking lot as well. Staying away from the officer conducting his duties, but simply watched his back. BRAVO gentlemen!

Our men and women in blue don’t have to be the only ones watching over and protecting. Sometimes they need our help as well. Don’t get involved. Don’t seek out issues to be involved in. Don’t interfere with the officer’s duties. But simply watch their back.

So if the opportunity arises, and you are around one of these brave individuals, say “hello, let them know what a great job they are doing each and every day, and that you got their back”. They need us, just as much as we need them!

Thank you men and women in blue, for all you do!

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