Lying to get out of ticket is worse than the ticket

Published 12:52 am Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sheila from Port Arthur asks: Good Day Mr. Antoine! Just this past week I went to get auto insurance on two of my vehicles, but when the insurance pulled up my 27-year-old daughter and my information, I was informed she had a speeding ticket and a ticket for not having a child in a car seat.   I informed the insurance that this could not be possible because my daughter does not have any children.  The insurance agent said for me to call my daughter and let her know what was going on and I did. Well after speaking with my daughter she told me her step-sister got a ticket and since her step-sister already had a warrant out for her arrest she gave my daughter’s information. With that being said, I’m really upset so I called the Port Arthur Police Department and speak with the first person that answers the phone. She tells me she has to transfer me to an officer and after I tell them my story, they transfer me to the court.  Come to find out, my daughter goes to court with her step-sister and signs the papers to get put on a payment plan for a ticket she did not get.  But her sister ensures her she will pay it out since she took the fall for her.  What really made me angry is I was told by the Police on the line that this is done all the time. Friends or relatives give other’s name because they don’t have an I.D. My question is how do you guys let this go?  If a person gives false information and it’s called in, is there not a picture that comes up on the screen since everything is computerized?  Because if that is the cause you guys would have clearly seen they look nothing alike.  My daughter is a tall, medium skin toned and her sister is very dark and short.  The court also informed me that because my daughter is not a minor she would have to rectify the problem, but she felt sorry for her sister because she has a daughter. What can you guys do to make this policy better?  Because I know if it happens to me and there is a warrant out for my arrest for something I didn’t do, everyone involved will be hearing from my attorneys.  I’m 51 years old and have never been in trouble before.

Answer: Very good question, Sheila! Well Sheila, in a perfect world this would not have occurred, that’s why it is vitally important for everyone to have proper identification in their possession when they leave their residence. Shelia, I can’t speak on what happened in your daughter’s situation, because I wasn’t involved but police officers should try to do their best to properly identify everyone they come in contact with. Because believe it or not, Shelia, sometimes people LIE to the police (smile)! I would hope the majority of the finger pointing be against your other daughter, who is/was a fugitive from justice at the time she was stopped, lies to a police officer and threw her sister under the bus rather than the police officer who relied upon the information that was given to him/her on the scene. Shelia, we do not have access to photographs of all citizens while on a traffic stop unless they have previously been arrested and booked in the Jefferson County Correctional Facility. Sheila, the court was correct. If your daughter is 17 years of age or greater you cannot speak for her. At this time, I cannot comment on any arrangements made between your daughter and the court. The police officer that you spoke with did not lie, people give police officers false names frequently. I have personally been lied to and booked the suspect under the false name, and while I was typing up the affidavit report at the county jail in the name that was given to me,  I was informed by the correctional staff after fingerprinting the suspect that the name I was given was false/big fat lie! The suspect had outstanding warrants, like your daughter, and didn’t want to go to jail! I asked all the questions until I was blue in the face (if you can imagine that!), but he just kept on with his lie. Sheila at the end of the day, police officers try to do the best we can with the information that’s given to us… tell your daughter to help us help you and STOP LYING when stopped by a police officer! Lastly Sheila, it is a crime to give false information or name while being detained by a Police Officer, which is a higher crime than a citation/ticket and even greater offense if the subject is a Fugitive from Justice!

Vicky from Port Neches Asks: Officer Antoine, I wanted to let you know I’m excited and proud of the job you are doing, helping keep the streets safe for us to travel! My question is, of course your article came up in my group meeting and someone asked the question how often can anyone exchange the license plates to their vehicle(s)?

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Answer- Good question Vicky! Well, the state of Texas will replace the license plates to your Texas registered vehicle every five years FREE of charge. Vicky, you are allowed to change your plates and registration stickers as often as you need as long as you are willing to pay the total $7 dollar fee (that’s after you have paid your annual registration fee).

Hank from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, not long ago my wife was involved in a fender bender in the parking lot. Long story short, the police were called and they didn’t do much but exchange insurance information and left. I’m not complaining, just inquiring. Is this normal procedure?

Answer: Good question, Hank! I don’t know what happened between the LONG story you made short, but at the end of the day “YES” Hank, this sounds like a normal procedure to me. If you are involved in a private property crash with no injuries and if police are called to the scene, there will be NO investigation. Police officers will assist with the exchanging of information, but Hank that’s about it. Texas Police Officers don’t investigate private property crashes where no injuries are involved!

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