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Published 2:23 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Your grace period is over! The Warrant Roundup is now in full operation. Officers will be out in force in Port Arthur and Beaumont this week searching for individuals who are actively fugitives from Justice. Monday-Tuesday we will be in Beaumont and Wednesday-Thursday ALL warrant round up officers will be in Port Arthur. Anticipate seeing several Police vehicles in one area. Keep this in mind, if you don’t have a warrant, you don’t have anything to worry about.
C.J. From Groves asks: Officer Antoine, every morning around 6 a.m. I head to Motiva for work. While on my way to work I encounter these white buses that transport contract employees to Valero or somewhere in that vicinity. I’m traveling west bound on 73 from Groves. These white buses for some reason feel the need to get in the left lane doing 60 mph. A lot of times there will be another one in the right lane side by side and no one can get around. If the speed limit is 75 why are these buses riding in the left lane doing 60 mph?
Answer: Good question, C J.! This is a driving behavior that needs to STOP immediately! I believe the buses are traveling to Cheniere LNG plant in Cameron, La., via Pleasure Island. Driving in the left lane at 60 mph on a highway where the posted speed limit is 75 mph is a violation of the Texas Transportation Code — impeding traffic. The drivers of these buses do not own the highway and should not travel 60 mph in the left lane unless weather or road conditions dictate doing so. C.J., you stated there is another bus in the outside lane traveling 60 mph as well (which is legal to do), but the bus in the inside lane is preventing the flow of traffic. Thanks, C.J., I will contact management of this bus company to hopefully rectify the problem. The right lane is designated as the normal driving lane; at all times during your driving trip, drivers should strive to drive in the right lane unless passing or turning in the left lane.
Juan from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, I have read and I understand your answer about liability for debris falling from big trucks and windshields being cracked. Does a regular car or pickup truck with two wheels on the rear axle hold the same liability when rocks fly from the tire of a passenger vehicle at my windshield? What should I do if my windshield is cracked from a rock on the road that was thrown by another car?
Answer: Good question, Juan! I know this is a common concern of most motorists because at some point in time we all have debris like rocks or other hard objects strike our vehicles while driving on our roads. Juan, unfortunately if a rock that comes from the tire of a passenger vehicle strikes your vehicle, there is no recourse to take against the other driver. That will have to be a loss that you should handle with your insurance company. Now if something falls off of a passenger vehicle and strikes your vehicle, in this case, the other driver is liable for the damages. But unfortunately, no driver can control nor do they even notice the small rocks that come storming toward your vehicle’s windshield. Juan, the best defense is not to follow the vehicle ahead too closely.
Rachael from Lumberton asks: Officer Antoine, I’ve heard a lot about you. I must admit most of the comments haven’t been pleasant. But my daughter took your class and she has done nothing but sing your praise since I picked her up from the Driver’s Ed class over three week ago. Now, I have an unlicensed Police Officer telling me every time I make a mistake…Thanks a lot Officer Antoine! She is constantly on my speed control. I tell her we are allowed to go 5 mph over the posted speed limit and she tells me “NO, Officer Antoine said that’s not true”! So now I ask you, do Police Officers make provisions and let drivers slide if they are traveling no more than 5 mph over the posted speed?
Answer: Good question, Rachael! Tell your daughter for me “Job well done!” She’s doing an excellent job in notifying you of your traffic violations. Rachael, it’s a myth that police officers must or will allow you five mph over the posted speed limit. Rachael, whoever advised you of that was sadly mistaken. Police officers can stop and issue you a citation once you are one mile per hour over the posted speed limit, if they so desire. The speed limit sign is not a suggestion, it’s the LAW. That means this is the fastest you can legally and safely travel on that section of the road. Rachael, you should applaud your daughter because it seems she will be part of the solution and not the problem on our roads.
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