Ask a cop: Fair warning, warrant roundup coming

Published 11:46 am Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Here’s a warning to ALL Port Arthur, Beaumont, Nederland, Port Neches, Groves, Bridge City, and Lumberton motorists who have outstanding traffic warrants for their arrest. We will be conducting a warrant round up next week, beginning Monday, July 27, 2015 and ending Thursday, July 30, 2015, seeking individuals who have refused or failed to take care of citations/tickets they were issued by Police Officers. You are being given a week’s advanced notice to call the respective courts and take care of your business, to prevent the embarrassment of being arrested and having your vehicle towed, which will actually tack on additional costs. There will be ZERO tolerance on all fugitives from justice (no excuse will be good enough), if you are caught during next week’s warrant round up. Keep in mind the warrants that have been issued for your arrest are NOT going to disappear. The Port Arthur Municipal Court’s telephone number is (409) 983-8686, Beaumont’s Municipal Court is (409) 980-7244, Nederland’s Municipal Court is (409) 723-1526, Groves’ Municipal Court is (409) 960-5748, Port Neches’ Municipal Court is (409)722-1438, Bridge City’s Municipal Court is (409)735-2236 and Lumberton’s Municipal Court is (409) 755-1491.

Hattie from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, my birthday is coming soon and my Driver License is set to expire on my birthday. I plan to be in another state at the time my license expires. My question is how many grace period days do I have to renew my Texas license before I get penalized or a ticket? Officer Antoine, I really don’t need you stopping me. I’d probable pass out because I am very easily spooked.

Answer: Good question, Hattie! Texas does not have a grace period for the renewal of a Driver License. If your license is set to expire on your birthday, do not put it off because once the expiration date comes and you haven’t renewed your driver license, your driver license is EXPIRED! Hattie, don’t panic.

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Texas allows more than one way to renew your driver license. There are actually four ways to renew a driver license or ID card: online, by phone, by mail, or in person.  Keep in mind, Hattie, all individuals must renew in person every other time to update their  picture. You must meet the following requirements to renew online or by phone: You renewed your driver license in person at a driver license office last time, you have a Class C or CM driver license, (you cannot renew a Class A, Class B, or commercial driver license online), your driver license either expires in less than one year, or it expired less than two years ago, or you are at least 18 years of age and your driver license is not a provisional or learner license, you are younger than 79 years of age,  your vision and your physical and mental condition have not changed since your last renewal in a way that affects your ability to drive safely, your license is valid (not suspended or revoked), and you do not have any warrants or unpaid tickets, your Social Security Number is already on file, and you are a U.S. citizen.

You must have all of the following items to renew online or by phone: Your current driver license, A printer to print your temporary driver license and payment receipt (it will not be emailed to you).  No receipt will be issued when renewing by phone. You must have a valid credit card, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express only. You will also need to know the last four digits of your Social Security Number.  Hattie, if you are spooked that easily, renew you license now!!

Juan from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, I have read and understand your answer about debris falling from big trucks and windshields being cracked liability. Does a regular car or truck with two (2) wheels on the rear axle hold the same liability when rocks fly from the tire of a passenger vehicle at my windshield? What should I do if my windshield is cracked from a rock on the road that was thrown by another car?

Answer: Good question, Juan! I know this is a common concern of most motorists because at some point and time, we all have debris like rocks or other hard objects strike our vehicles while driving on our roads. Juan, unfortunately if a rock that comes from the tire of a passenger vehicle strikes your vehicle, there is no recourse to take against the other driver.

That will have to be a loss that you should handle with your insurance company. Now, if something falls off of a passenger vehicle and strikes your vehicle, in this case, the other driver is liable for the damages. But unfortunately, no driver can control nor do they even notice the small rocks that come storming toward your vehicle’s windshield. Juan, the best defense is not to follow the vehicle ahead too closely.

Rachael from Lumberton asks: Officer Antoine, I’ve heard a lot about you, I must admit most of the comments haven’t been pleasant. But my daughter took your class and she has done nothing but sing your praise since I picked her up from the Driver’s Ed class over 3 week ago. Now, I have an unlicensed police officer telling me every time I make a mistake…Thanks a lot, Officer Antoine!

She is constantly on my speed control. I tell her we are allowed to go 5 mph over the posted speed limit and she tells me “NO, Officer Antoine said that’s not true”! So now I ask you, do police officers make provisions and let drivers slide if they are traveling no more than 5 mph over the posted speed?

Answer: Good question, Rachael! Tell your daughter for me “Job well done!” She’s doing an excellent job in notifying you of your traffic violations. Rachael, it’s a myth that police officers must or will allow you five (5) mph over the posted speed limit. Rachael, whoever advised you of that was sadly mistaken.

Police officers can stop and issue you a citation once you are one (1) mile per hour over the posted speed limit, if they so desire. The speed limit sign is not a suggestion, it’s the LAW. That means this is the fastest you can legally and safely travel on that section of the road. Rachael, you should applaud your daughter because it seems she will be part of the solution and not the problem on our roads.

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