Religion, politics should not be discussed among friends

Published 12:15 pm Monday, July 6, 2015

I can remember a very long time ago that I was told not to discuss religion and politics among friends.  Your opinion is not always in agreement with everyone elses.  As a matter of fact, I was told that on an interview I had for my very first job.  Did I listen well?  Evidentally not.
My last article posted in the PA News was on religion.  Needless to say, I received a few comments from this article.  They were all negative.  I guess I really screwed up.
Honestly, there was something taken in the wrong context.  I was feeling so good about getting back into the groove of going to church again; that I did not realize I worded some things opposite from what I meant.
To begin with, I am a Catholic and do love my religion.  I know the difference between other religions and Catholicism.  I am in no way changing my religion.  But, it did sound like it in the last article.  It also hurt others feelings at some of the remarks I made about the Catholic religion.  I will say that I am truly sorry for this.  It came across exactly opposite from how I meant it.
I was brought up, from day 1, in the Catholic religion.  All of our beliefs were passed on from our ancestors.  My Dad and Mother made sure we had a very strong background in our religion.  We continued to pass this on to our children.
I mentioned that I knew everything by memory of the worship service of the Catholic church.  I feel good about this because it shows that I did get something out of my learnings.  Catholics do stand together and uphold their religion.
I have recently been attending another church of another religion with my daughter and her family.  I have enjoyed their service, as well.  This is a Baptist church.  I have not gone to the Catholic church, since I have been here.  But, I plan to.
I have been in Plano for about a month now.  I do not drive around much because it is very easy to get turned around.  When I get to know the area a little better, I will drive myself to the Catholic church that is closest to where I am staying.  For now, I am excited to be able to worship somewhere to have God in my life.  I learned a lot more about the Baptist religion.  I do understand their teachings, but not all of them.  They are definitely different from the Catholic teachings.  I am glad I had this opportunity to visit the services of the Baptist church.
I did overdo on bragging about the Baptist church I attended in my article.  I had never seen anything such as this.  All that I know is that the Catholic and Baptist religions are different in every way.  The only thing that is alike is the God we adore and praise.
I would never say anything derogatory about the Catholic church.  Lord help me, this is my belief.  I said things in my last article that led to some of you questioning what I meant.  I will say I am sorry for this.  I read this over a few times and could see how upset some of you could have been about it.
I said we have choices of which church we attend.  This is true.  I will repeat myself by saying visiting other churches was not an option when I was younger.  We were not allowed to do so.  Times have changed regarding religion.
I do not know anything I can put into words that will clear up the misunderstanding of my last article.  Except, that I am a true Christian.  I believe in God and respect the Catholic religion.  I am not changing religions now or never.
Thank you for all the responses to the last column.  This is the only way that I know I got it wrong.  Also, I see that you are reading what I have to say.  I hope this will clear up my standings.

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