Change is difficult for some

Published 12:08 pm Monday, July 6, 2015

Topics from our ever-changing world have our nation buzzing. As media outlets keep communities informed on gay marriages, the confederate flag controversy, politics and many others topics, we begin to see a future that some folks are uncomfortable with.
Our past should always be a remembrance of where we came from and from where we have evolved. Our past should always remain a part of our lives however not dictate our future. We should never allow only our past to signify who we will be. Only our future actions can do that.
Even here, in our small area of the world, individuals struggle to accept change that could very well improve overall quality of life for everyone. Many residents are eager and ready to focus on the future and are excited to what could potentially be. But individuals that fight against change have an inner fear of the unknown. What they know from their past, which may or may not necessarily be positive, is far more comfortable than not knowing what will be. Change creates an uncertainty that fogs their view of a positive future.
Over the next few years our communities are expecting to see mass change created from political races, industry expansion, new industry, real estate growth and revitalization to our downtown. How these changes will affect residents of our communities can only be positive. Change is definitely coming, how we react to it as individuals lies solely within ourselves.
In my weekly columns many times I write about items that are intended to entice thought and create discussion. I appreciate both the positive and negative feedback that is generated by the many postings of certain columns to social media. It helps to reach a larger group and continue the conversations between residents that I don’t reach within the Port Arthur News alone. So again, I thank those who continue to share.
However it doesn’t take long for the rumor mill to begin creating odd and/or incorrect scenarios about what was written on any given Sunday. I believe I’m fairly direct and to the point but unfortunately the fear of possible change from someone publically promoting a difference of opinion is just too much for some to handle. As anyone who has written, emailed, called or reached out while walking through Wal-Mart knows, I am most accepting of everyone’s opinion — and welcome them.
I also view our communities differently than some, as I was not born and raised here. Other communities where I have lived give me a different view of what can be and not remain deterred in my thinking by what once was.
That same view can be said about the many community leaders that have come from other communities across the nation but now call South Jefferson County their home! Tie us in with locally raised visionaries and we are all here for the same thing, to create a better place for all. And that is not a bad thing! With change always comes opportunity.
Rich Macke is publisher of The Port Arthur News. Follow him @RichMacke or e-mail him at

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